December 18, 2012 @ 11:49 AM
Jay Z

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When you go on HB and you have this great idea on a topic you wanna  post  *WAIT*  before you do understand what your bout to do. It can lead to either two things the topic can be taken serious (example given here and here ) or it can be a disaster (example given scope the rest of off topic). Now you may be wondering (gee I dont want the L and the negative stigma) well the way to make sure your thread is serious and not trolled/shitty is all in the first two posts of your thread. 

Very important rule right their go to any serious thread and you will realize that the way a thread status is DETERMINED IS BY HOW THE FIRST 2 POST GO. Lets give an example like the one I used earlier Ok look at how in the first post the user responds with a serious reply and gets 24 likes and then how the user after (trying to be funny) fucks up and gets 20 downvotes. The first user overpowered the second one with knowledge and then HB Society determined this was going to be a serious thread because of the strong first post and when the scroll down and see somebody trying to be funny/troll they weren't amused.

EDIT: I will add more rules later I dont have time right now
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Who are you?
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HypeBeezy is on life support.

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I can tell by the first post, this thread is

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