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mark rothko paintings are the most over rated pieces of shit in history. i applaud this guy

This is worth millions???
lmao...don't talk shit about art you know nothing about...Rothko's art, this piece specifically was not intended to be judged from a shitty picture on a laptop...it was meant to be viewed 18 inches away from the canvas, in person, where the colors become vibrant and urgent, where you might have a shot at understanding and comprehending the beauty, the warmth, a return to the womb, to engage with the painting, to transcend to a metaphysical realm...
i dont mean to go overboard....but I am trying to make a point...don't judge it until you get a chance to see it in the flesh...it has moved a lot of people and it might just move you....besides that, anyone who knows a damn about art can tell you Rothko is a tremendous artist...it pains me that people who make ignorant comments think its cool and acceptable to not be cultured or to try and learn something.

Fucktard we been developed a ratio

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