September 06, 2013 @ 06:37:17
Might have posted this one before but oh well:

Roommate and I left the bar after it closed. Were walking back to our house at like 2:30, were both pretty fucked up. There's a church on the other side of the street of our house and whenever we don't bring girls back we sometimes fuck around and walk around inside it cause were drunk and its dark/cool/empty. Shit like writing "Thank you Based God" on the chalkboard in the sunday school rooms downstairs. Nothing really destructive.

Anyway, this one night a year and a half ago, were extremely drunk. We both get inside the church doing god knows what, but we both end up blacking out inside of the church. We wake up the next morning and there's a 4 foot tall wooden statue of St. Mary just sitting in our living room. So we basically walked out the front door of the church carrying this thing at 3am.

We ultimately decided we didn't need it since we were moving to a different house, so we just returned it the next day in stealth


September 06, 2013 @ 06:38:39
got so drunk i lost my floral sup camp at the bar. no recollection of that at all.
September 06, 2013 @ 07:16:21
i had smoked my last joint and was looking for more,so me and my friend jasmine go to the homie kitty kats place who sometimes has bud(but when he does its fire)so i could get a hook up but dude wasn't there. when i rolled up the people inside said come in, i walk into a smokey ass room, my homies dad was tattooing some sureno. they asked whats up, i told em, and they said i could wait so i sit down. i was chillen for a few minutes before i notice my friend jasmine didn't come in to the apartment. i walk out to see where shes at and she asks wtf i was doing in there or so long. apparently the homies dad don't smoke weed so all the smoke that was inside the apartment was chris smoke. i told them i was just going to look for him. shit didn't have me buggin but it ruined my high. fuck meth man.

whoever down voting my shit is a fucking faggot that's jealous of everything about my life- Ronn_eL

September 06, 2013 @ 12:57:08
Pulled 2 Beer runs wit the homies
Acquired 2 boxes of Corona and a Half gallon bottle of Skyy
Popped a Molly
Went to a function
Sold a Molly
Played Beer pong
Beer ran out, replaced wit Vodka
Fell asleep in my car
All in All.....HighSchool.
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