Fun Ways to Commit Suicide.

Oct 08, 2012 @ 20:54
Whats some fun ways to commit suicide?

I always thought going skydiving and then not opening the parachute would be a fun way to go.
Oct 08, 2012 @ 20:58
Oct 08, 2012 @ 21:22
say it aint so
Oct 08, 2012 @ 21:26
suicide bomb in supreme store
Oct 08, 2012 @ 21:27
breaking into someone's house, preferably someone you dont like, while they're sleeping and OD'ing in their closet.

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Oct 08, 2012 @ 21:28
autoerotic asphyxiation

go out like David Carradine smokeyface

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Oct 08, 2012 @ 21:29
on camera with a hypebeast sign
Oct 08, 2012 @ 21:46
suicide bomb in supreme store

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Oct 08, 2012 @ 21:52
Damn you must have gotten fired after all & now you asking Hypebeast for advice for suicide

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Oct 08, 2012 @ 21:55
Damn you must have gotten fired after all & now you asking Hypebeast for advice for suicide

thats one theory.
Oct 08, 2012 @ 22:11
Make a bath robe made out of McRib sandwiches and sneak into the wild animal safari at Animal Kingdom in Florida. Wait until the spectators ride by on those trucks and haul ass towards a Lion and yell at it in a German accent.
Oct 08, 2012 @ 22:16
You know what would be real fun, grow the fuck up and be a responsible person rather then asking about fun ways to go out like a bitch

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Oct 08, 2012 @ 22:22

This how I'm going out. Shot down with a vest of hotdogs.


Oct 08, 2012 @ 22:59
would say do it big . be infamous. go kiss some girl u always like but never had a chance . give ur parents mad love. then go to some army scientist and look for some experimental shot and take it and die . or become a super human .

Cmon get down with a real nigga wussup

Oct 08, 2012 @ 23:30

thumbs up if you think this is cool

rollin' down the strip on vogues comin up slammin cadillac does

Oct 08, 2012 @ 23:36
od on that heroin
Oct 09, 2012 @ 00:53
Drown yourself in the pussy
Oct 09, 2012 @ 00:56
hmmm id want to jump from an airplane wearing one of those squirrel suits and just fly as long as possible then shoot myself in the face before landing

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Oct 09, 2012 @ 01:13
I always thought being hung above a body of water with a weight on your feet so youre drowning and being choked at once woulda been cool

Oct 09, 2012 @ 01:15
Oct 09, 2012 @ 01:26
pull some gta shit. kill a cop or 2, hijack a ferrari and drive till your gas runs out while sprayin the cop cars with a uzis.
Oct 09, 2012 @ 01:31
I want to be a sucessful musician and kill myself on stage.

Oct 09, 2012 @ 03:36
suicide bomb in supreme store

Oct 09, 2012 @ 03:44
suicide bomb front row justin beiber
Oct 09, 2012 @ 03:44
go to an aquarium and drown yourself in the shark tank.

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Oct 09, 2012 @ 05:21
I would say skydive High with out a parachute.
Oct 09, 2012 @ 05:59
driving really fast into a cement wall sounds fun... If I wanted to kill myself I would use a gun
Oct 09, 2012 @ 06:02
Oct 09, 2012 @ 06:35
Oct 09, 2012 @ 20:17
fly a commercial jet into a building
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