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as I was filling out my first college application today, I started to think about my future career, until i realized that I never really thought about it. My only real skill is art, and i've always had a passion for being on stage, whether dancing, acting, doing stand-up or otherwise.But what real money can I make with that? So I had always told myself i wanted to go into business. But Is this really what I want to do for the rest of my life? What about my dreams, my goals, my passion? Is this the part where I give it all away for a slave-like work schedule, a boring wife and ungrateful kids? Or do I pack up and ship out, chasing my true callings? How did you guys figure it all out?
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No one ever figured it out, I feel/felt the same way and just thought "going into business" is always a safe choice. I've managed to adjust and started to 'like' the business world. Even though my passion lies in sports.. currently studying "communication management" though. But i'd say if you really have something you'd like to do just go for it man.
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damit nigga we already have a thread for this find it and post it. Mods could you delete this copy thread.


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