please close registration

Aug 07, 2012 @ 22:02
Lol and those were written to be broad for a reason. Ghost posted sensitive information about boland, should I ban ghost? What are your thoughts on that tb

yes, you should. idk why you used that example like ghost is my best buddy. Beauty Squad Click on the rise #B$C Get down or lay down

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Aug 08, 2012 @ 00:12
Why? Some of us have been longtime HB browsers and just decided to make an account recently. If the newbie aims to produce quality content, I don't see why not.

We dont need you.

Pantic is right, its a cycle that happens in my opinion due to people feeling some sort of entitlement. But that said, fuck 2012 and future 2013 members. If you just discovered, on the downturn of the trend era, fuck off.

@chaobro This forum doesn't really NEED anyone anyways. Hell, this SITE doesn't NEED a forum to survive. It's a nice feature so we can vocalize as users, but you are no more needed than I am. You talk about people that "just discovered hype beast", which obviously shows that you didn't really read my post. I, along with others, have just joined as members after BROWSING for a good while. Years, in fact.

What the hell is a trend era? Trends have been happening for centuries, if not millennia before you were even born. Trends have even changed since this site was made. I don't understand what you're trying to say about "trends" there.

Sorry, i figured that part of my post would be misunderstood. I dont just mean trends, and there is no real "coined" term for what im trying to describe.

I did read your post. I didn't imply that you specifically are guilty of being "new".
However, I do disagree with your post this time around. I wont go as far to say I know how HB's model is set up, but without a forum, this website would not have gotten as far as it has. I think currently it could probably survive without one, but who knows. (Kevin Ma where art thou?) I think I can say that in confidence, at least. for example, There's(was?) a reason why Adidas, etc. post on HB jobs, (aside from the 9 dollar listing) and "new" members are not it in my opinion. You (as in the group of new members Im trying to describe, maybe not all new members) have no impact on anything. You come here to clutter and bullshit, and its annoying. You can't even think for yourselves. That's closer to what I was trying to say.

On another note, my only real problem with the new forum (post layout remake) is the influx of new posters while hamstringing one's ability to "flame".
Aug 08, 2012 @ 00:21
Lol and those were written to be broad for a reason. Ghost posted sensitive information about boland, should I ban ghost? What are your thoughts on that tb

that is some fuckboi logic right there nigga
if ghost never posted that some nigga out there would still be being impersonated havin his photos posted all over some forum by some fat teenager
Aug 08, 2012 @ 00:33
It's not obviously my logic or else that would be the case. Sometimes the answer isn't have a mod ban a user. You guys want to sit here and hit me with the rules that I helped write? If I were to follow the book to the exact rules, this forum would be absolutely no fun or enjoyable at all for you guys. If I went by the rules, I would have banned Omar for harassing boland. Boland's alleged number wouldn't have been 'found' by ghost and nobody would have ever known that boland wasn't the pretty light skinned nigga he claimed to be. It's funny because you guys had just got comfortable having a bunch of 'gay' members here. Or you found it funny or whatever. Either way. Registration will not be closed. Lots of lo siento.

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Aug 08, 2012 @ 00:54
hb is in such a state of desperation that registration gon remain open, these niggas tryna revive this shit n try n bring it back to the glory days, nah son, it aint happenin... IT'S DEAD MOTHAFUCKA... IT'S DEAD BITCH...
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