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so a debate erupted about a week or two ago in the shoutbox among myself and a few other breakfast pastry connoisseurs, regarding the better breakfast pastry. Isit Pop-tarts? Or is it Toaster strudels? i picked pop-tarts because of their variety and tasted and flavors and cos they been holding me down for years.
P.s i went out and bought a new toaster, and some lame ass toaster strudels, to properly consume them, and they were still not as dopeas pop-tarts.
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Nigga why are you comparing the same damn thing. This shit is like saying coke and pepsi are 2 different things. You ignorant as fuck.

Real niggas only eat cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner real talk.
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OP is gay

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Cocoa pebbles.

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Breakfast for the gays b. I go straight lunch b
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chocolate croissants ... :D
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chocolate croissants ... :D

^^ This.

Living down the street has spoiled me. Fresh chocolate croissants are what's good.


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morning wood + masturbation

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