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Because the American people want something to remember their "freedom/independence" from England. Even though they dont know the true story.

True story?

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i celebrate it because i get the day off the work with my girl, so the day is spent by the pool and the fam bbqs. after that is firework time so we go for a walk to watch them. fuck the politics it's just a day to chill.
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Because the American people want something to remember their "freedom/independence" from England. Even though they dont know the true story.

True story?

Story True!


July 7, 2012 @ 05:52 AM
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Why do I celebrate it? Because I love to celebrate my day off and I'm going to enjoy any day that we can let off fireworks all day while the cops turn a blind eye and the neighborhood kids cheer on. I don't really celebrate the whole independence and all that. Although I love my limited freedoms in this country, I'm not religiously patriotic as if our government isn't crooked.

But no country is spotless. And like most traditions, the meaning gets watered down over the years. But celebrating independence is noble to a degree. So I don't hate on the zealous patriots. Everyone needs something to believe in.

All that being said, I don't believe the US is independent anymore. We still belong to Britain through bank debt. But they'd never tell us that. LOL. Taxation without representation continues in the shadows my nigga. And we can't do nothing about it without practically having to assassinate ever major world figure around the globe. Hahah.

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long story short the federal reserve controls all of america and most parts of europe. I wasn't even born here, but i wont lie america does give people many opportunities to succeed, and for that im thankful for this country.

oh and side note "raping" back them was not taboo, young girls were willing to give it up.

Wouldn't it just be sex then?

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just putting this out

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July 10, 2012 @ 07:37 PM
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Lol @ Canada

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