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my mates a marine biologist n he says we have only discoved about 10-20% of the ocean he always drops knowledge on us

Yeah, the ocean is fucking huge. Who knows what kind of creatures are living under there..


June 21, 2012 @ 12:16 AM

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btw does anyone know if we've explored all of the oceans/bodies of water completely?

not even close

check this out
June 21, 2012 @ 12:47 AM
Black Donald Trump

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Y'all ever heard of "through the wormhole"?

its with morgan freeman, and it covers some insane questions about life and science
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Yeah, i didn't know boland was on the stones tho


June 21, 2012 @ 06:26 PM


Yeah, i didn't know boland was on the stones tho

proof that gay ppl are descendants of aliens. we are not the same, they are a different specie
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there are billions of stars in our galaxy and billions of galaxies in our universe. with each star there are planets and on each of these planets there are chances of life. from bacteria all the way up to some kind of super advanced telepathic all knowing beings... who the fuck knows. do the math. maybe some are so advanced that they are able to create life as complex as humans. can't rule that out if some planets are a billion plus years older than us.

this is some mass effect shit. space faring factions doin battle or on some cold war steez, but we left outta the mix. but one day we will rejoin the stars... where we belong. and one day there will be a Shephard. and that shephard will be me. i will make my way onto the moon and settle on one of the moon towers on the far side of the moon. And then i will start recruiting companions.

prepare to do battle HB fam. mmmm feels good.
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im about to slap the fuck out of the next person,who come up with this fairy tale dumb ass assumptions about how life begin

damn yall some stupid motherfuckaz
June 22, 2012 @ 05:13 AM
mr mcgibblets

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So it's 2012 and I'm willing to bet more than 3/4 of this forum doesn't believe that God created man and the Earth. I know some of you have seen that Ancient Aliens show on the History channel and it really mind fucks me every time I watch it. There's so much that is misunderstood about where humans came from and how our ancient ancestors knew so much about our planet and solar system.

Since scientists are mostly all too stubborn to go against our widely believed current theory of evolution it's likely that we won't solve these mysteries for some time, but I'm just wondering what your opinion is on all this?

One example is the Ica stones supposedly found in a cave in Peru. There are over 12,000 of them and they supposedly show things such as, cesarian sections being performed, heart and brain transplants, humans hunting dinosaurs, missing continents, humans using telescopes, and "flying machines". Look some of this shit up and it'll no doubt have you thinking.

at first i was like

then i looked it up on wikipedia and upon realizing how dumb you were

if you recommend something interesting be looked up,look it up first to find out if its bs or not.

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