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I'll be in Lisbon, Portugal in the beginning of July. Outside of walking in the streets (which look nice) is there anything cool going on? Or things I should that are a must-see?

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do drugs. its legal there
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bath salts bro


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Go to Alhambra and kick it, are the Festas de Lisboa going on right now? Google that, you will not want to miss it if its going on, its a blast. The huge bar area is Baixo Alto and it is a fucking shitshow, open container laws don't exist, people walk around double fisting 40s, bitches passed out in the street. There's this one dope spot to kick it, I can't remember the name but its an overlook near the downtown area...if you can get out of the city check out Sintra, Faro, and Porto. And drink hella Super Bock and Sagras...only beer you're going to find. Also for some culture go to a traditional fado dinner.
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Don't miss the "Elevador de Santa Justa", it's a fantastic terrace to look over the whole city, the Chiado is good too (the old city)
fuck mcdonalds go eat fish in one of the hundreds fresh fish restaurant in the old city, and then roam around the streets of Bairro Alto full of people and have some drinks !
I also recommend you going to Sintra, it's 40 minutes by train from Lisbon and it's a beautiful town to visit.
oh and go to Cascais to the seaside, there's a lot of hot girls there !

check my set on Lisbon on flickr






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