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born in plantation, fl
lived all over south fl as well as houston/katy, tx
currently living in port st. lucie, fl

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Location: Miami

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Location: Milwaukee

Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

#2 on Huffington Post's Top 10 most segregated city in the US. (in 2011)
Home of all the major brewing companies. (Miller, Pabst, etc.)
Home of Harley Davidson.

Weather is just like Minnesota's weather, VERY hot in the summer, VERY cold in the winter. But in all honesty, my city is horrible. This city is on a downwards spiral. This shit is turning into the next Detroit. We had highest murder rate not too long ago. I don't remember the exact year though. I can't wait to get money straight and get the fuck out of here.

Milwaukee stand up!
Don't forget the high teen pregnancy rate. Seriously, like at least a quarter of the kids from our old high school have a kid, or one on the way. Hell, a couple I know are about to have their second kid, and are just turning 20 or 21.
We also got the new Jeffrey Dahmer tour for anyone that's interested in that shit.
And let's not forget this...

But on the flipside, I still love my city. Especially in the summer. There's always something happening. A lot of people complain that there isn't shit to do, but it's just a matter of finding it and actually be willing to do something different from the usual.
May 2, 2012 @ 03:41 PM
RenAi beast

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Location: Houston/DGAFistan.

Houston, Texas aka DGAFISTAN.

Hot as shit in the summer, living here is cheap as is the great quality food.

Everything outside of the downtown area, particularly from the North and countered clockwise to the southwest is redundantly suburb-ish. Around 2000-2001 the inner city was fun because it was a heap of shit almagamized with a couple of GATED condos and townhouses. Now all of it for he most part has been gentrified and replaced with expensive pretentious nonsense.

Lotta hispanics here but I love Latinas and Mexican food so it's whatever. Up until a couple years ago not too many people were up on the 'street fashion' hobby. They're too concerned with getting a job in the oil industry followed by a VW jetta and renting expensive small homes near downtown.

This city spans far and wide and all the good spots are too spread out. Old Asians and old Hispanics here are pretty racist though, which is weird. It's not surprising that alot of the old white people here are -it's the fucking south.

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Location: socal

we need a sgv meetup

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altadena/pasadena cool wuhsuhp
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San Jose, CA

Culturally diverse I guess, city is massive so we got all types of people over here

Let's make out....I MEAN! hang out....
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514, Quebec, Canada, Earth, Solar System, ...
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Location: Chicago

Aurora, IL
its pretty boring.

Wayne's World!
cool you already know
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east la
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Location: America's finest cit...

Good ol' temecula CA, its pretty diverse we have mostly middle class, but it definitely ranges from lower, all the way up to the multi-million dollar mega mansions. Its safe af. Close to the beach for the summer and the mountains for the winter. Its also not too far from LA (for thursday mornings) or SD which is nice because of the incredible lack of culture. Its a good place to raise your kids, but the second everyone turns 18 they wanna leave.

I was born there (well, Murrieta actually, but we were living in Temecula at the time)! Since I live in the north part of SD county, I'm literally just down the road from you though. Temecula actually has stores and places to go shopping though, compared to none in my town.
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Location: Philadelphia

rockville, md
upper middle class suburbia, usa
don't know what else to say about it
we get four seasons and are mad close to the capital of the freest country in the world

You stay near Patomac or LP?

yeah im near, Potomac, and LP is what?
i live in Philly now doe, city is pretty much a massive ghetto

Fucktard we been developed a ratio

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Location: seattle WA


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Location: Coyutla, Mexico


full of Mexicans
May 3, 2012 @ 12:26 AM
Black Donald Trump

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cincinnati ohio aka tha nasti nati aka cincinasti aka tha cin city

born in over the rhine

^edit dude who uploaded is a bitch

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Location: Queens

Jamaica,Queens: The Realness and Foundation

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Pretty interesting city to live in, anyone else from D.C.?
May 3, 2012 @ 12:51 AM

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Location: naw

born in Bridgeport CT, moved to stratford at like 7 or something. always in both tho, they border eachother

bridgeport is ghetto as fuck, home to university of bridgeport which is considered like the worst college in the states lol.
full of minorities/white trash

then stratford its like, south end poor, north end well off. i live in the middle/northernmost part of the south end lol, nothing to do, mad boring. tryna get out.

pink like hamilton

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Location: DMV

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Location: Canada

Fremont,CA Sadly we have music videos too.

OMG HAHAHAHAHA. Where you from in fremont? Mission area? That music video is too hilarious. Fremont bangers?

I can't believe they even filmed this at Lake Elizabeth, Cancer park, and quick stop. HAHAHAHA
May 3, 2012 @ 02:58 AM

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Daly City - aka Pinoyhunter's worst nightmare

But I'm a block from SF so it cool. I get to dress in layers all year. I like layers. We need more Taco Bells tho.

Cigarettes, Ice Cream and Figurines of the Virgin Mary

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Location: JOZI, ZA

johannesburg south africa born/semi-raised now living in new brunswick
May 3, 2012 @ 03:34 AM
silent AlaRM

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Daly City - aka Pinoyhunter's worst nightmare

But I'm a block from SF so it cool. I get to dress in layers all year. I like layers. We need more Taco Bells tho.

I stay right off the Taco Bell on Geneva so im good cool
May 3, 2012 @ 04:50 AM

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lol I see you. I'm closer to Mission so I think the one on Silver is closer but still mad far for a nig. You livin in the hood son.

Cigarettes, Ice Cream and Figurines of the Virgin Mary

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Auckland, New Zealand

culturally diverse, little racism
you can walk across the city in about 45 min
west coast (black sand) and east coast (white sand) beaches are 20 minutes drive away from each other
good fishing, fresh seafood at restaurants

home to:

-highest percentage of one night stands
-highest percentage of chlamydia
-highest percentage of teen-pregnancy
-highest concentration of kfc restaurants
-busiest mcd's drive-through
-highest percentage of tatted people
-highest percentage of boat-owners
-good coffee, dairy, meat, beer, spirits and wine (expensive though)
-good weed (smuggled to south america and pacific islands)
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Location: 714

OC cool, but i go to school in LA, so i stay in LA for the most part and go back to OC whenever i want to go to disneyland or the beach.

What part of the OC you from?

seal beach. you?
OC cool, but i go to school in LA, so i stay in LA for the most part and go back to OC whenever i want to go to disneyland or the beach.

What part of the OC you from?

seal beach. you?

Huntington Beach. But I spend most of my time in Fountain Valley. It feels weird knowing that so many fellow hypebeasts are from the OC.

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Location: Los Angeles

Detroit, the concrete jungle where dreams are shattered.
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Location: Yass

Baltimore, MD
"Home Of The Wire" o_O
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earth, you?

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