any straight edge guys around here?

May 06, 2012 @ 05:26:46
I'm better than you.


See, you only started smoking weed because you were suckered into it. You cracked under pressure.

haha, no. there was no pressure. believe it or not, not everyone is a fucking pussy like you who has to "crack" in order to overcome their resistance to new experiences and sensations. you should have some fun in your life instead of spending your time accumulating over 7000 posts on a website about clothes, but i guess it's too late for that.
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your resume clearly puts you leagues above everyone else. loser. get off the fucking internet and put one in the air, maybe it'll make the people around you like you better. (probably not though)

Whoa there, no need to be offensive. All I said me>you which is a fact.

You cracked under pressure like a "pussy" just to impress your so called friends and to fit in.

Be real here buddy, we all did some minor things to fit off course your boy DSteezy F. Baby didn't need to do anything to fit. I was born cool smokeyface

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Holy shit lol, is this nigga srs?
May 06, 2012 @ 06:16:01
Theres no denying that drugs are bad, but straight edge is for lames and homosexuals

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