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long story short, i’m jobless and so i cannot afford nice flashy clothing.

We all know that raw denim can be a huge chore to wear in the beginning, it's very stiff and can be very uncomfortable to wear. Same applies to new shoes and boots.

Therefore, I will break in your raw denim, shoes, boots, or any other article of clothing for anyone on here for $8 (flat price, none of that per day rate shit). I guarantee when you get your raw jeans, boots, etc or clothing back they will be extremely comfortable and broken in, it will be as if you've had them for a while and it takes on the shape of your body. People can vouch for me on here, I don't have any bad odors and I always wear Aqua Di Gio when wearing your clothes.I can wear a size S-L for tops, 28-32 for jeans, size 8-12 for shoes. If you're really fat...then i don't know.

It's a win/win for both of us, I can't afford nice clothes so I will break yours in, I like to look hip and cool while not breaking my bank and you don't have to worry about wearing uncomfortable raw denim, shirts, and shoes/boots for a week( or longer if needed ).

that is all.
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Appropriate avatar is appropriate.


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innovative hustle

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Of course he did, grats on sleeping with a homeless. That's a first.
April 1, 2012 @ 05:39 AM
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Appropriate avatar is appropriate.


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Congratulations, this man is sweet genius

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Congratulations, this man is sweet genius
LOL irl hahahahahahahah pictured that creepy looking dude saying that
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can you break in some undies for me?
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hahhahahahahha smart

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