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Workin in da streets slangin like my nigga Pusha.

I'm That Nigga.

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Damn $10 an hour? The institution most likely took a huge portion, being the middle man and all. I work as a private tutor, so I drive over to the kids house and get paid under the table.

My friend also worked at a center, the parents were paying the owners $20 an hour and she only made $10 an hour. Which sucks because you might as well be working at Starbucks. So she got really close with the kids and the parents liked her, so she asked the parents if she could tutor the kids as a private tutor at their house for $15. Now she makes $15 per hour tutoring 3 hours a day. You could probably do the same, steal the tutoring centers clients lol.

Not sure where you are from, but my area (Orange County/LA) has a lot of fobs and Asians that want to get into Ivy league schools, so their parents drop like $1000-$2000 a month to send them to tutoring centers. It's not even private tutoring either, it's in a group.

Yeah that fuck nigga took a shit ton of it out no doubt. I live in South Florida so there isn't as much pressure from the asian niggas out here. I actually knew a lot of hte kids I tutored outside of the place and I actually tutored them and shit outside of the normal hours. I write essays for them $30 a pop. Lot of niggas come to me for shit like that.

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IT. I'm actually at work right now. I don't do shit 90% of the time and browse the internet and shit or watch something on Netflix. And on the days when my boss and co worker are gone I get to blast music loud as fuck since we just put in surround sound and got a sub too.
IT. I'm actually at work right now. I don't do shit 90% of the time and browse the internet and shit or watch something on Netflix. And on the days when my boss and co worker are gone I get to blast music loud as fuck since we just put in surround sound and got a sub too.[/quote

Do you get paid well?
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I drive little shits to and from school 5 days a week.

Then I deal with stupid tweens at Hot Topic on the weekend.

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Im a busser at Pala Casino buffet. Shit isnt easy but I walk out with a 100+ bucks a night in tips so its cool

Hey, I live down the road from there. I think Pala pays better than the other ones in the area, yes?
April 17, 2012 @ 02:38 AM

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Bussing tables at Abuelos Mexican Restaurant here in Arizona.
Its like gourmet Mexican food.. not sure why people pay money for it lol.
$6/hr + tip share.

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I feel like this thread is meant for Mayimbe ahahaha and Ron since it seems like the ballin
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I drive a lime green dump truck around NYC and LI picking up junk and furniture. its good $$$$.
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Goodwill. Don't really want to work for another company after working here. Just on that CSR game right now, on the track to move up doe. Never realised how easy it was to move up in retail, most of the employees are content with ~$10.50/hr, so all you have to do is ask. Really wish I'd tried retail in HS though, so many wasted years on that manual labour garbage. I miss the money from slugging, but whatever, I never come how stankin', dirty, or any of that, so it's well worth the trade off.


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i'm a wheeler dealer

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Finally quit dealing dimebags. I'm a server at a pizza restaurant.

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Nigha just got a job at Big 5. It works fine as a part-time worker and full time student, but come summertime, I'll be looking for a little more pay
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work at the best grocery store in the World Publix I'm a cashier plan on moving up
threw the company like my pops.


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Post Production producer and client relations in television
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Subaru dealership

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Day trader
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Record store, 45+/- hrs a month.
1000$ net.

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