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Thought I'd share this video with HB since I'm helping out with it. Here’s a sneak peak at the audition process for AUDITION, a New York independent film currently in pre-production.

You can read more about our film at www.Auditionthefilm.com

“AUDITION is a feature film that follows a New York City couple through a short-lived romance that suddenly turns into a dating nightmare. The couple is portrayed by one hundred actors who audition for the two roles and the chance to become the film’s stars.
AUDITION is a narrative film and reality acting competition combined. Each actor plays one of its two characters, MAN or WOMAN, in a raw and realistic fashion. Over the course of the script, all but two actors are gradually eliminated based on their performances. These two actors are awarded the "lead roles," and only they will complete the final, terrifying scene. In the final edit, each scene is finalized as a combination of multiple actors’ performances, with the location, sound design and story remaining consistent. Documentary moments from behind-the-scenes footage are edited within the narrative and account for approximately one third of the film. In the end, the characters’ search for love parallels the actors’ struggle for success”

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