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Paul's got some good ideas and is definitely a superior candidate when put up against the other republican candidates on most issues but his views of religion and race. His views on Foreign Policy and Military are definitely the best compared to the other candidates. Military spending is one of the biggest money sinks and I can guarantee Romney wouldn't do anything about it. Obama's getting his 2nd term doe, none of these crusty, old ass white dudes would win against him.
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Its worth noting that this wasteful military spending birthed the internet.

just saying.
February 6, 2012 @ 10:49 PM

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how u gona post that block of text w/o cliffs bruh

Too dumb to read three paragraphs? Must be a Ron Paul supporter.
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bruno hah
February 7, 2012 @ 12:52 AM
Black Donald Trump

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You guys do realize he's just a crazy old racist fuck don't you?

Fellow anons: we are pleased to bring you the dismantling of a major US-based
white supremacist network known as the "American Third Position"(A3P). These
racist losers have chapters across the US, operate several white power websites,
forums and online stores, and are even running a candidate in the 2012
elections. Although they try hard to maintain a professional public image to
camouflage their vile racism, we're now airing all their dirty laundry all over
the internet. Contained in this major dump are several thousand private forum
messages, personal emails, internal organization notes, names, phone numbers,
home addresses and other information on all of their members and supporters.
It’s time for these cowardly suit and tie white supremacists to sleep with one
eye open. Scared much?

In addition to finding the usual racist rants and interactions with other white
power groups, we also found a disturbingly high amount of members who are also
involved in campaigning for Ron Paul. According to these messages, Ron Paul has
regularly met with many A3P members, even engaging in conference calls with
their board of directors. Ron Paul's racist politics and
affiliations are already well known, being viciously anti-immigrant,
anti-abortion and against gay marriage -- not to mention having authored the
racist "Ron Paul Papers" and receiving financial support from other white power
groups (pictured with Don Black from stormfront.org). Hard to believe Ron Paul
draws some support from the left and the occupation movements, especially now
that it is confirmed Ron Paul hangs out with straight up racist hate groups.

We put extra effort in ruining the life of A3P webmaster Jamie Kelso. On top of
being on the board of directors of A3P, former $cientologist, and high ranking
Ron Paul organizer, he also is the account owner of german nazi forums and store
nsl-forum.org, rhs-versand.com. We went ahead and wiped those websites off the
internet as well, dumping private messages and order information. Aside from us
releasing his information such as his social security number, address, resume
and private discussions, we also heard some folks went on a joyride with Kelso's
credit card and made some lulzy purchases, including sex toy purchases and
making donations to the Anti Defamation League and many others. Oops.

We call upon not only other antifascists but all those opposed to white
supremacy to utilize this information and make hell for these white nationalist
scumbags. It is essential if we wish to live in a world free from oppression to
expose and confront racists at their jobs, their schools, at their homes and in
the streets.

No Dialogue! No sympathy! Destroy White Supremacy!

why on earth would anyone take this as fact? give a source for any of this info and then maybe but right now this is lookin to me like a lot of bullshit. you may not side with his views, but i don't see how anyone could say his crazy given that he has been consistently saying the same things for years, and backs them up with a logical thought process, more than can be said for a lot of candidates. though i dont think he'll win, i'd like to see him get the nomination because i think hes the only conservative candidate that could go head to head with obama in a debate. just watch his debates, he destroys everyone
as for the racist thing, i believe him

February 7, 2012 @ 02:37 AM

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I don't believe Ron Paul's excuse that he did not know these articles were published under his name.

Honestly, Ron Paul's views on the War on Drugs is very superficial and shallow, a democrat shares the same beliefs that are more developed and more rationally sound.

This guy reeks of hypocrisy he is pro-choice, against abortion and he only supports Gay Marriage and the legalization of drugs because it is "constitutionally logical"

I personally believe Ron Paul appeals to an uneducated person who favors Ron Paul because he favors the legalization of drugs. Even if Ron Paul did somehow miraculously got elected President, he will not be able to legalize any drugs whatsoever, the bill will pass both houses of congress easily. The topic of legalizing Marijuana is a huge divisive issues, it couldn't even pass the California ballot, so how in the world would congress (representatives who serve there constituents) would ever approve, let alone pass a bill that legalizes Heroin?

I am obviously a liberal.

Obama 2012.

February 7, 2012 @ 05:31 AM


you guys know they have to revisit and extend the black right to vote every decade or so right? its not an actual LAW.

med. dp tnf/400+fees. hmu

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