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yea i follow this shit, its pretty funny!/mattchv SUPREME FS LARGE ITEMS

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that immortal technique killed me. i'm still laughing.

two of em x hs shit

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The Jay-Z and Nas one killed me
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Rick Ross kept walking, proudly holding his yoga mat, when he passed a small parochial school. It was recess time, and the entire second grade was on the playground. It was crazy. They were all playing sports, but when they turned around and saw Rick Ross holding his yoga mat, they got scared!

Rick Ross felt hurt. He wasn’t a bad guy! He was the Boss, a friend to all. However, whenever Rick Ross felt sad, he would roar. He roared mightily. It was like a lion, but better.

Of course, this made the children even more scared, and they cowered in fear. Rick Ross was puzzled. He owned over two hundred pairs of sunglasses, why should they be scared! He wanted to do a trick to make them not scared, so he pulled a pack of toothpicks out of his pocket and stuck them all in his beard, and then they disappeared. Unfortunately, this trick was too subtle for a bunch of seven year-olds, and they became even more scared.

Rick Ross felt sad and dejected and more than a little insecure. Rick Ross did not feel very Boss that day. Not very Boss at all.
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Lol the author got too much time on his hands man... and lol that jaynas was gay as hell...
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haha dead at the ross & dj khaled ones

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