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anyone remember that big fella that was on the tyra banks show a couple years ago for "bromances"?

yea i forgot his original name but he changed it to TyraCute because when they told him what to wear they described it as "wearing something tyra-cute"

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mad respect. I would never be able to rock something of that value/expense knowing that it'll get slaughtered by orange soda and melted ice cream. Much respect, and the frat line was hilarious
July 13, 2011 @ 09:01 PM
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i wanna make this my avy but i get an error 503 :'(

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Thx fellas...i made a stripped down 8 minute version so im tryin to get it on vimeo since they allow more stuff its called Models & Buckets Mayimbe181

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i wanna make this my avy but i get an error 503 :'(

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:whats the name of your frat?

lol...was it frat night out there for that other dude or what? anyway it looked like fun. what was the nastiest shit that got thrown? from the looks of it it looked like this

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