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US Education has failed us.
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Reginald Fairfield

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So I was boppin this white chick for a bit but it was jus for some easy poonaloon and now that I got other options I'm not tryna go back, on account of I legit can't look at her face for too long without having to look away or blink for a long ass time or sumthin. So thats pretty much done. Now I met this spanish chick who is mad cute and I like everything about her but shes just a tad bit chubby and I'm trying to get rid of the shallowness in me cuz I like her and shit but damn we'd be chillin with peeps and she'd be the only girl there goin ham on some Taco Bell i'm like "girl chill that ain't attractive" I wanna get closer with her and shit but I gotta find a way to get her to the gym or something, slip hydroxycut into her drink or some shit. I'm not tryna be like "bitch lose weight" or "your fat" cuz I don't wanna give her an eating disorder or something but shit why can't the cool bitches be fuckin sexy too? I know if I got her to slim down and live a healthier lifestyle she'd be mad sexy, but she stays smoking weed, smokin cigarrettes, and munchin out. that shit KILLS me... sad

I lol'd but yeah I agree, I hate how shallow I am but I'm not gonna pretend looks don't matter at all because as much as girls try to pretend they're so righteous, lord knows it weighs heavily. You're in a sticky situation doe 'cause you can't tell her she's fat.
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I'd follow that Girl's opinion (Can't remember her name lol). Otherwise just try to get her to do stuff with you like basketball or running.
May 29, 2011 @ 05:09 AM

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you're the worst. let that girl cook.

of course the fat chicks got each others backs. razz
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of course the fat chicks got each others backs. razz

not really doe. encouraging something she already wants for herself is different from demanding she change. i'm just saying, if she ever mentioned that she was uncomfortable with her weight THEN is when you encourage her to hit the gym with you, go on runs, etc. but if she's indifferent about her weight, then you need to get another girl or let her be herself.
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attach a string to a cupcake and tie the string to the end of a stick, strap that stick onto her back so that the cupcake dangles in front of her fac and watch the weight burn off her as she runs around trying to get that cupcake.
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but she aint cookin. shes buying 99 cent big macs at mcd's

big macs cost more than 99cents smh
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pics please

scribble over the face if you want

but i need to see her body to see if you being ridiculous and she thick or if shawty on that precious tip

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they dont... relocate
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try some crazy karmasutra sex positions or some shit in which she has no choice but to indulge in exercise. or just go to tha club and dance a lot? ride some bikes? yoga or some shit? take her to healthier places when you go out?theres a lot of shit you could on the low get her to lose a few pounds without it being a big deal. i guess it depends on how much you want her to lose though and how much it really matters to you
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"shout out to the big gurls, yall are so precious"

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