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Any of you niggs fuck with Cetaphil? Which one should I use? The Daily Facial Cleanser or the Gnetle Skin Cleanser?
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drink water
sleep early
change your pillow case
wash your face thoroughly every second day
wash your face every other day normally with a gentle face-wash
don't scratch your pimples
don't touch your face at all

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Any of you niggs fuck with Cetaphil? Which one should I use? The Daily Facial Cleanser or the Gnetle Skin Cleanser?

lol I fuck with Cetaphil everyday. Just don't put too much cause you're face will be moist hours later, and you'll be shinin' like a mutha..
February 5, 2011 @ 11:49 PM
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Any of you niggs fuck with Cetaphil? Which one should I use? The Daily Facial Cleanser or the Gnetle Skin Cleanser?

Unless your skin problem is reaaally light Cetaphil will do nothing for you. The stuff is basically soap but for your face (i.e. gentler).
February 6, 2011 @ 04:40 AM

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if your acne isnt serious, accutane is not the only prescribed medication available, there are others that are A LOT less strong like minomycin (which is an antibiotic) it doesnt so much as work to get rid of current pimples, but to prevent future ones. so for the best results you need to treat your acne both the inside and out so you may want to play around with spot treatments. find a routine that suits your skin type and whether you wanna go the whole nine yards, facewash, night and day moisturizer, scrub, toner, masks etc is up to you but i strongly recommend facewash, toner (no astringent) and even if your skins oily you must moisturize (if your skins dry it will overcompensate by producing more oil, same thing with overwashing) use something oil-free and waterbased. and water and exercise reeeaaally do help to flush out toxins. and i agree with changing your pillowcase every other night and taking supplements as well as using a separate towel for your face. oh and you dont have to blow big bucks on department store stuff, a lot of drugstore brands are good too.

i know a lot of people will disagree with me and say that you just need a healthy lifestyle but in some cases thats just not it, but im assuming the op doesnt eat junk food everyday and has a relatively healthy balance though.
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You need to sweat more (exercise, fap, etc., IDGAF just sweat).

Drink more water.

Don't touch your face.

Wash your face however often you want. Use warm water first to rinse your face, apply the soap with warm water, then rinse with cool water. The warm water will open your pores allowing the soap to do a better job of cleaning. The cold water will then close your pores so dirt stays out (that's why so many of those facial astringents contain alcohol/acetone. Not only does it kill germs but the cooling effect it has closes all your pores).

But after you do wash your face, always apply a facial moisturizer. When you wash your face, you're washing away all your skin's natural oils. Your bodies response is to create even more oil so it can re-moisturize the skin. By using a moisturizer after you wash your body won't end up producing more oil than necessary.

Exfoliate your face at least once a day too. During a hot shower works best (same idea as washing your face).
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water isn't good for your face, you shouldn't be washing your face more than twice a day

and fapping can increase acne too, sweating in general. im not saying don't excersie,you should, just don't fap three times a day, some people don't have acne from it but some people do
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