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KHQ.COM - On the heels of World AIDS Day comes a stunning medical breakthrough: Doctors believe an HIV-positive man who underwent a stem cell transplant has been cured as a result of the procedure.

Timothy Ray Brown, also known as the "Berlin Patient," received the transplant in 2007 as part of a lengthy treatment course for leukaemia. His doctors recently published a report in the journal Blood affirming that the results of extensive testing " strongly suggest that cure of HIV infection has been achieved."

While Brown is the first person to ever be declared cured of HIV, his case paves a path for constructing a cure for HIV through genetically-engineered stem cells.

magic been had

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Been posted. sad
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Magic was first! smh at u silly kids
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awww hell nah....

overpopulation we off that

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Magic Johnson
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If this is true it's a scientific break through indeed.
I just wonder why MJ never talks about his health and weather or not he really is cured.

I mean, wouldn't you want people to know or do you really want people thinking of you as a
diseased former NBA star?

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