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Fucking amazing. Make audiobook for download on iTunes.
Shoutouts to Brendan tho
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wtf i smhd
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lmfao this is good
August 21, 2010 @ 02:20 AM


wtf i smhd

Any specifics? Was it too contrived? Something off abt the prose? Or are u just hating on mah pretty boy swag?
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I'm stoned as fuck and this is shit raw, make more.
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op, you should just edit your first post and put the 2nd ch. there.
missed it until I saw comments about it.

Good reads though! hah
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part 3: Brendan done fucked up... Again!

Dr. Daniel LaMotte, MD stood by the door, urgently awaiting Michelle Smith-Nguyen. They had urgent business to take care of, about which his friend Brendan could never find out. He stood at a towering 6"3; of Mexican and black ancestry, his black features were obscured by his whiteboy-ish looks. He paced about in anxiety, occasionally affecting his gaze to his window, impatiently waiting for Michelle.

"how the fuck could this bitch play me like this? After all the gucci sales I paid for." Brendan nguyen was in a state of shock. Faced with the possibility that his white indie wife could be eloping with his friend Daniel, a rage overtook him, burying his common sense, and unleashing his Vietnamese side. He fealt sweat descending his brow as he pulled up near daniel's street, and got out of his car, glock dug firmly into his sweaty hand.

"oh my god." Michelle was nervous. I mean, why wouldn't she be? She was pregnant with brendan's child. But she didn't want a baby, at least she didn't think so. She needed an abortion. Quick. The mini-Brendan inside of her wasn't nearly far along enough to warrant a full abortion. She was desperate. But Brendan had a friend. Dane. Or was it Dom? Either way, this fellow had offered her a cocktail of drugs strong enough to flush the growing-swagbr0 out of her body. But why was he so eager to give her the drugs? She stopped thinking. Thinking made her head hurt. She pulled up in Dom's driveway and entered the house.

"it's Dan."
"ok Dan, do you have the drugs that will help get this out of me?"
Dan guided her to the couch, where they both sat down.
"listen Michelle", he started to explain, "take these pills right now, and then again in the morning." he held out a cluster of red and blue pills. "take two red and one blue at once", he continued.
Michelle thought long and hard, whispering dan's instructions again under her breath.
"okay", she finally said.

Brendan had never been so angry than he was at this moment. He could feel te adrenaline pump through his frail body, preparing him for fighting. But he wouldn't need that. He gripped the glock in his hand, his teeth clenched, and he kicked in dan's door. The bastard and Michelle were on the couch. "ho man", he screamed at the top of lungs. Although his voice was annoying, all the maliciousness of those two words were felt by all.

"Brendan!" Dan was confused. Why was brendan here? Michelle had told him that he was headed to NYC to meet with the boom/bap ✖✖✖✖✖s. His eyes were immediately drawn to something in brendan's hand. A gun. His eyes widened, threatening to pop out of his sockets. "wait." that was all he could say, before two deafening booms were heard.

"what are you doing, Brendan?" Michelle demanded to know why he had lied to her about his trip. But even more urgent was the lanky figure fallen onto a coffee table, two bloody shrapnel embeded in him. She rushed over to him.

Brendan dropped his weapon, not yet realizing the enormity of what he had just done.

Dan's breathes were short and shallow, becoming more progressively so with each passing second.
"Brendan", he began in a strained voice ,"michelle's baby.... not yours". He took a deeper breath, "I didn't want you to know... I wanted to protect you."

Brendan slowly brought himself to Dan, tears flowing down his cheeks. "Dan..." he couldn't find any words to say. Yale had not taught him these things. He kneeled at dan, facing his old friend. "", he managed to say between heavy sobs.

Dan signalled for Brendan to come closer. He whispered weakly "Jordan". He stopped there.

Brendan took out his cellphone, and dialled 911. He turned to Michelle. "what did he mean by 'jordan"'?
"I don't know."
Brendan turned for the door. Michelle grabbed his un-brolic arm and deplored him to wait for the ambulance.
"I can't go down like this." and with those words, brendan dashed out the door. He had yet to comprehend or fully digest wha had just happened, before he grabbed a map. He dug out a pen from his pants and circled a small county in Florida. There was an old friend he needed to visit.
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*grabbed his unbrolic arm*

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wow you have way too much time on your hands.....
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HOLY SHIT l0l0l0l m0ar

moop$ cool

wtf is goin on on the right is he in a choke hold lol
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im pretty sure that person is getting raped and he is holding that dude back.
August 21, 2010 @ 04:54 AM

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looks like the rape victim isnt putting much of a fight up
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"Dan..." he couldn't find any words to say. Yale had not taught him these things.

^LMFAOOOOOOO, YALE didn't make me prepare for this.

new characters are popping... jordan? jordansanityy?

*suggestion for the new potential characters. Raylo, dray, drew, and vinsanityy. LOL

Kayv: pull bitches, not triggers. throw parties, not fists. futurebass : my mom said life is like a box of kimchi.

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Ay dis is gud.

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definitely one of the most epic posts of hb. Lmfao
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moar moar moarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
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Thread needs to be sticky'd.
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brendan should take a trip to japan to visit someone we all know and love haha
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i lold at all 3!/mattchv SUPREME FS LARGE ITEMS

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lol that was dope. props dude cool
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oh lawd part two
need moar
dont leave me hangin like this bruh

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Wow this is even better than the Story of a Heroin Dealer, please write more cool
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lul blueprint 19

lolol good story, brendan i love u dog
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It's ya baby boy moops aka ad phuc yu pham.

part 4: Brendan isn't the only trill nikka in atl
"the man wanted in the murder of Dan lamotte is 45 year old Brendan nguyen. He is described as 5"8, 120 pounds, with the appearance of a starved Vietnamese person, due to his un-brolicness. He maintains an interest in indie music, and indie white girls. He is also interested in his dad's closet, and killing the workwear look." Brendan switched off the television set, peering out the window of his hotel suite, his eyes basking at the sight of the Atlanta skyline.

"how has it come to this?" Brendan let out a heavy sigh.
Just 5 days ago, everything was great. He had everything. Now, now he had nothing but the clothes on his back, and $1m in a hidden bank account. His cocaine-induced rage had cause him to kill a man with whom he thought his wife was having an afair. But in the end, it wasn't true. Dan said that the baby wasn't brendan's. Was that why michelle was over at dan's house? To arrange an abortion?

But why wouldn't michelle's baby be his? Jordan. That name had a strange quality to Brendan. As if he had heard it before, a long time ago. Dan had whispered "Jordan". Was he michelle's baby's father? But he had left before
he could find out who Jordan was, or even where he lived.

Brendan sat down on a chair, contemplating his next moves, with familiar
intensity. He would go to Florida. To see Kaleigh. He had no intention of
reigniting the spark that they had shared so many years ago over stickam. He just needed the closure of knowing what happened to the first indie whte girl he loved. After he saw Kaleigh, he would move japan to forge a new life.
He smiles slightly. "Brendan lives in japan", he repeated to himself.

"fuck, I haven't smoked in hella long", Brendan craved the weed that had
alluded him for about five days. He needed to find a dealer. Quick. He didn't
want to spend any of his money; he needed to save it for japan.

He decided to roll into the hood with a supreme boxcutter, and rob inner city dudes of their
precious commodity. "Brendan, you are fucking future", he praised himself for his little scheme.

Brendan armed himself with a Supreme boxcutter, and for extra effect, a pair of Supreme nunchucks. He hopped into his car, and began his hunt for a high. It wasn't long before he found himself in the hood. Scars of urban decay surrounded him. Dilapidated buildings, unmaintained infrastructure, it was a far cry from the relatvly comfortable upbrining he had experienced in California.

As Brendan drove by, seeking dealers, a man threw himself in front of his car. Brendan had thought he hit the man. A state of panic set it, but it quickly subsided when the man got up, apparently unharmed.

Brendan rolled down his windows, and called out to the man "are you okay, b?"

the man gave a thumbs up. A smirk falling upon his face, he asked Brendan "you wanna see me jerk?"
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lolol iheart. ayo baby boy moops throw ya boy youngfresh in this bitch.
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go play some runescape ✖✖✖✖✖

you will never be as hypebeast as my blood cousin pankeo

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half of HB needs in a cameo in this story

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