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all of which affects life now... how?

edit: I think you guys might be misinterpreting my wordiness for investment in the discussion, let's be clear I really couldn't give less of a fuck what any of y'all niggas think at the end of the day, I dropped out of college, shit like this is one of my only opportunities to flex that pen game nahmean? Agree or disagree I'M getting money and I hope you doin the same lol.

uhh... what?

The only point of yours I'm addressing is your claim that there are questions that will forever be unanswerable.

I guess it affects life today in that you never know which one of these "unanswerable" questions could be answered next.

So in medieval times, space (volume, distance, etc.) was a weird thing. It wasn't viewed as it is today. There were holy spots and unholy spots, no one really knew what perspective was, whatever, I won't get too into it. But then we started learning some rudimentary math and geometry and started deducing how we actually interpret space. Everything is fine and dandy. Then my nigga Isaac Newton comes into the picture and is like "yo i figured all this shit out about objects in space and what not, laws of motion, get at me". Every body is like, "sick dude, we figured out the universe, everything can be boiled down to these fundamental Newtonian laws". BUT THEN Einstein is like "NOPE, it's all relative, space and time are intertwined and can't be separated", and everyone is like "whaaa".

So you're like, "wtf does this have to do with me and all the dollars that I'm getting".

Well, technology and science go hand in hand, and I'm guessing you might use your computer and internet for business, if not whatever it is you do on this site. Ahh whatever, I'm done with this. I always realize that no one gives a shit after I've typed up a goddamn bed time story worth of shit. later. Molosser Rex

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^you cant speak to people who wont listen. hes making money so him, hitler, and rush limbaugh are all beyond any sort of dialectic. theyre great successes.
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lol Pog I'm confused as to where in here I ever disagreed with that logic. I OBVIOUSLY enjoy doing the existential song and dance routine as much as the next young intellectual but at the end of the day I just try to keep in mind that all of this is old news, that's all.

All I do is smoke weed, blow lines, and listen to MF DOOM. And rap.

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