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my dick in your mothers vagina is fashion.
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Sleeping is pretty fashionable.
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I don't even know,I think it can be defined as man things. Many people wear certain clothes to fit in, some just wear it because they like it. But some clothes make impressions on people because they are connected to certain things or thoughts we have created. Such as suits,dress,shirts which are mainly tied in with business or professionalism. But certain things that used to be tied in with a thought or thing can turn into a trend. Such as those nerd glasses. Before this, people with those kind of glasses were clowned, but then when they ere worn by the right people(people who have influence) people i guess thought it was cool or "deep" for lack of a better word to wear them. But this also ties into looking cool, or fitting in. So fashion could be defined as a way of creating an impression on people. Even when people wear different or unique things, they are still trying to make an impression. And if you claim to buy things you like and not care what others think, i wouldn't really call that fashion because your not trying to make an impression. I dont know, just a thought. What do you guys think?
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young idiot

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I think it's a useless question. If you had the answer, what would you do with it?
January 23, 2010 @ 12:36 PM
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fashion looks kinda like these shoes
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fashion looks kinda like these shoes

naw b fashion looks more like these


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this is fashion at it's best
[IMG]http://img63.imageshack.us/img63/5508/storepic2.jpg" />[/IMG]
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Surely he doesn't know about fashion

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this guy is rocking a pe-coat at the moment
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Fashion is the style and custom prevalent at a given time. In its most common usage however, "fashion" describes the popular clothing style. Many fashions are popular in many cultures at any given time. Important is the idea that the course of design and fashion will change more rapidly than the culture as a whole. Fashion designers create and produce clothing articles.

The terms "fashionable" and "unfashionable" were employed to describe whether someone or something fits in with the current or even not so current, popular mode of expression. There exist a number of cities recognized as global fashion centers or fashion capitals. Fashion weeks are held in these cities where designers exhibit their new clothing collections to audiences. The main five cities are Tokyo, London, Paris, Milan and New York, all headquarters to the greatest fashion companies and renowned for their major influence on global fashion.
Areas of fashion

Fashion as social phenomena is common. The rise and fall of fashion has been especially documented and examined in the following fields:

Architecture, interior design, and landscape design
Arts and crafts
Body type, clothing or costume, cosmetics, personal grooming, hairstyle, and personal adornment
Dance and music
Forms of address, slang, and other forms of speech
Economics and spending choices, as studied in behavioral finance
Entertainment, games, hobbies, sports, and other pastimes
Fast fashion
Management, management styles and different ways of organizing
Politics and media, especially the topics of conversation encouraged by the media
Philosophy and religion: although the doctrines of religions and philosophies change very slowly if at all, there can be rapid changes in what areas of a religion or a philosophy are seen as most important and most worth following or studying.
Social networks and the diffusion of representations and practices
Sociology and the meaning of clothing for identity-building
Technology, such as the choice of computer programming techniques
Hospitality industry, such as designer uniforms custom made for a hotel, restaurant, casino, resort or club, in order to reflect a property and brand.

Of these fields, costume especially has become so linked in the public eye with the term "fashion" that the more general term "costume" has mostly been relegated to something fancy dress or masquerade wear, while the term "fashion" means clothing generally, and the study of it. This linguistic switch is due to the so-called fashion plates which were produced during the Industrial Revolution, showing novel ways to use new textiles. For a broad cross-cultural look at clothing and its place in society, refer to the entries for clothing, costume and fabrics. The remainder of this article deals with clothing fashions in the Western world.[1]
[edit] Clothing
Main article: History of Western fashion

Some historians observe the frequently changing clothing styles as a distinctively Western habit among urban populations.[dubious
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Vogue, founded in the US in 1892, has been the longest-lasting and most successful of the hundreds of fashion magazines that have come and gone. Increasing affluence after World War II and, most importantly, the advent of cheap colour printing in the 1960s led to a huge boost in its sales, and heavy coverage of fashion in mainstream women's magazines - followed by men's magazines from the 1990s. Haute couture designers followed the trend by starting the ready-to-wear and perfume lines, heavily advertised in the magazines, that now dwarf their original couture businesses. Television coverage began in the 1950s with small fashion features. In the 1960s and 1970s, fashion segments on various entertainment shows became more frequent, and by the 1980s, dedicated fashion shows like FashionTelevision started to appear. Despite television and increasing internet coverage, including fashion blogs, press coverage remains the most important form of publicity in the eyes of the industry.

Fashion Editor, Sharon Mclellan said, "There's a misconception in the industry that TV, magazines and blogs dictate to the consumer, what to wear. But most trends aren't released to the public before consulting the target demographic. So what you see in the media is a result of research of popular ideas among the people. Essentially, fashion is a group of people bouncing ideas off of one another, like any other form of art."
Intellectual property

Within the fashion industry, intellectual property is not enforced as it is within the film industry and music industry. To "take inspiration" from others' designs contributes to the fashion industry's ability to establish clothing trends. Enticing consumers to buy clothing by establishing new trends is, some have argued, a key component of the industry's success. Intellectual property rules that interfere with the process of trend-making would, on this view, be counter-productive. In contrast, it is often argued that the blatant theft of new ideas, unique designs, and design details by larger companies is what often contributes to the failure of many smaller or independent design companies.

In 2005, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) held a conference calling for stricter intellectual property enforcement within the fashion industry to better protect small and medium businesses and promote competitiveness within the textile and clothing industries
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i was going to read it, but then i was like 'naaa.' then i just wrote this comment
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i was going to read it, but then i was like 'naaa.' then i just wrote this comment

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i was going to read it, but then i was like 'naaa.' then i just wrote this comment


free max b 2013

January 23, 2010 @ 09:34 PM



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i can bet money that &y didn't even read it himself and just copy pasted that shit.
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this is my style, this is me

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fashion looks kinda like these shoes

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wow lady gaga got way too skinny since then.
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That shirt's insight just blew my mind.
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Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months

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being able to wear shit...well. not because others wear it. i dont know. there are a ton of valid definitions. this is just mine.

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