Legit Check: Is Canada an Actual country?

October 18, 2009 @ 03:45:14
Or a cheap Knock off of America?


October 18, 2009 @ 03:53:54
Poor mans U.S.
October 18, 2009 @ 03:58:33
October 18, 2009 @ 04:07:03
americans arent really welcome in other countries after bush
with canada theres no problem
October 18, 2009 @ 04:11:50
Helgen lives in Japan
October 18, 2009 @ 05:03:46
i think we have a better quality living then the states but what do you mean by actual country? we do have alot of american businesses and companies that expand up here if you mean it in that way of imitation.... most of the cities close to the boarder share the same georgraphic properties
seattle/vancouver..alot of asians and skid types
NY/toronto..to is a wannabe ny(there closer to buffalo)
Detroit/Windsor...both shitholes
Pittsburgh/Hamilton..steel cities

our shopping sucks compared to the states though
October 18, 2009 @ 05:07:06
we would rape you guys in a war.
October 18, 2009 @ 05:24:16
we would rape you guys in a war.

ahahha try it.. we 1-0 biatchhhhhhh>smh
October 18, 2009 @ 06:02:36
i voted fake.
October 18, 2009 @ 06:14:41
ahahha try it.. we 1-0 biatchhhhhhh>smh

I didn't want to get involved but I had correct this ignorance.

October 18, 2009 @ 08:11:38
canadas koool
October 18, 2009 @ 08:12:24
Poor mans U.S.

LOL maybe back in the day. but with the war going on and with the US in debt for a GAZILLION dollars, i doubt ur richer than us.
October 18, 2009 @ 08:40:37
October 18, 2009 @ 09:47:11
^^ i never said canadians go hard, i kno we're soft for an army. at the end of the day, my argument is that US is poor now. case closed
October 18, 2009 @ 10:01:09
dam white people
October 18, 2009 @ 10:07:52
I've been to Canada, and I've always gotten the impression that I could take the country over in about two days.
-Jon Stewart >smh

Plus, you can tell they're not a real country. C'mon, the Canadian Football League?? Are you serious?
October 18, 2009 @ 10:10:46
I hate Canada and I'm Canadian lol. Our laws suck, our immigration policy sucks, our taxes suck, our stores suck, we just suck. No doubt we're free n all that bullshit but if you get punched up here, you better not punch back or you're in shit. Someone breaks into your house, you better let them take your shit or you're gettin arrested. I could go on for days. Especially after this E-Health scandal the fuuuuuuuuuck is wrong with our government.
October 18, 2009 @ 10:18:09
who watches southpark? and remembers the canada on strike ep.the whole didnt even fucking care
October 18, 2009 @ 10:23:38
I'd rather live in Canada. But I don't have all the info, so what do I know?
October 18, 2009 @ 10:24:01
October 18, 2009 @ 10:25:51
as fake as america
October 18, 2009 @ 10:27:57
Aubrey Graham > America
October 18, 2009 @ 10:43:35
Aubrey Graham > America

^ i LOL'd

drizzy! ...

but seriously, on the whole. The US puts billions into healthcare, based on GDP distribution and allocation of funds, they allocate the most out of all countries towards health, yet they still have still have mediocre health status levels

+1 for Canada

9 to 5 is how to survive, i ain't tryin' to survive. i'm tryin' to live it to the limit and love it a lot

October 18, 2009 @ 10:59:12
I almost forgot about WheelChair Jimmy!!

I'll give Canada a 7 out of 10 for him, lol...
October 18, 2009 @ 11:00:14
well americans like to take pride in their country a lot on freedom well were more free than you *****z wassup den
October 18, 2009 @ 11:01:19
that video is great. Allot of it i think you could film anywhere and get the same result because people try to seem smarter on camera so when he tells them something like canada works on a 20 hour clock or vancuver is the capital they will just act like they knew it even though they are just making themselves look stupid. You can do allot with editing too im sure he got some who called him on his lies but wouldnt show them n something like this. But the truth is most americans are very educated on the rest of the world or even there own country. Ive been around the world and met kids in third world countrys that had descusions with me about my country and my states politics that the majority of adults in america could not. It is sad sometimes.
October 18, 2009 @ 11:32:40
both countries suck. im moving to japan with helgen
October 18, 2009 @ 12:01:07
according to the United Nations:

The top ten countries listed on the index are: Norway, Australia, Iceland, Canada, Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden, France, Switzerland and Japan.

The United States ranks 13th, down one spot from last year.

Canada's doing pretty good for a "imitation" country
October 18, 2009 @ 12:11:11
yeah, canada sucks. i was in NY and i saw a bunch of those french bitches though, and damn, they were on point.
October 18, 2009 @ 12:20:16
How is Canada a imitation country? We have similar geographic locations, cultures, political views just like any other neighbouring countries do. We have our own laws, our own identities and policies.
I love both countries but there are definite differences between the two.
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