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Theres some asian gangs that roll hella deep and run certain parts of china town like Hop Sing and shit, but most of the gangs in oakland rep their own block.

People from the 100's usually throw up their pinky as a 1
2 hundred block is the murda dubs
3 hundred is dirty thirtys
etc, etc.

Then theirs the other gangs like Hyphy Boys, HBR, and shit like that. A lot of dudes in oakland just clique up and call themselves gangs, but like I said, most of the dudes here bang their own block to the fullest.

There are bloods, crips, nortes and scraps too, but they aren't as dominant as the street gangs

you must be speaking out of your ass. the majority of oakland is filled with nortes.
September 16, 2009 @ 08:14 PM

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^^And dread heads. One place where the mexican gangs cant bully black people because they are outnumbered, thats why there is so much black and brown unity in the bay.

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