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This is a keg

According to google 1 keg = 58.6738827 liters

People do all sorts of fun things with kegs like a keg stand

Or beer pong!

Even our small furry friends can join in!

Or stand by the keg all night and drink all the beer (note: this is not a keg stand)

Females tend to get extremely loose when a keg is around, sometimes weird things happen.

The fun is over when the keg is empty

This is why you get multiple kegs!!!

You can purchase a keg right in your own city and invite friends over! Be sure to charge them atleast $5 to drink your beer!
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this is a COOL STORY BRO.

This is the original. marvel or whoever might start asking me for royalties soon. i've used this picture soooo many times.

It was sooooo popular, that someone on zazzle created this shirt. now, he's receiving royalties for each shirt sold! FUCK if i knew about zazzle earlier i woulda made this first and made money!!

now this is a clever one. fusing lolcats and cool story bro, you get this one. i hate cats so it's not too funny for me.

this one doesn't even fucking make sense.

if i was alive during jesus' time, i would told him the same thing and then woulda told him to fuck off.

in conclusion..

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A keg...and an 83 year old grandma...
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That grandma is a straight up OG.
August 21, 2009 @ 10:44 PM

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