June 4, 2009 @ 12:14 AM

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I've been trying to figure this out..

They're lyrics are sometimes so intense.

Gucci has to hook people up, probably Shawty Lo too at some point, and these gun charges have me wondering about T.I.

The south seems most intimating at this point.
June 4, 2009 @ 12:23 AM

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? please be coherent and explain yourself.

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ya i want to know who moves the most/ who has in the past moved the most...

all of rap basically devrives from the whole "gangster" aspect of it all, so most at one point or always speak of selling drugs or being involved in some way with selling drugs.
June 4, 2009 @ 01:10 AM

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Most of the shit rappers rap about is just a gimmick. Sure, I believe there's rappers out there who have moved bricks, carried techs, yadda yadda; but I'm pretty sure it's an exaggeration.
June 4, 2009 @ 02:22 AM

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Deez' nigs however

Moved boatloads.

boatloads of Wu Wear at Tj Maxx


June 4, 2009 @ 02:32 AM


ima hit that place up.
June 4, 2009 @ 02:44 AM
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Some things that they say clearly show that they know what they're talking about either cuz they've done it themselves, they know someone who's done it, or they just do a lot of research to sound authentic.

I believe that they have done some things in their pasts. But they are clearly not out there killing people. And they're also not selling drugs. The FBI has a task force that actually watches rappers. They monitor their money, their assets, keep a log of who they're friends with, etc. IF they were moving weight, they woulda BEEEEEN got locked up...the truth is, they're all getting rap money now. The ONLY way they're getting drug money is if they give money to one of their boys who goes and moves some weight and then brings back his cut. But let's be honest, you're not the one moving weight homie...your boy is. Stop frontin. But they do carry guns. But that doesn't validate your gangsta.

One thing I will say is that southern dudes are def more accustomed to dealing with weight. Most of our drugs come through mexico and miami and the price of a key goes up the further north it goes. Up in NY if you get caught with a key, you'll go away for like 15 years or more. In texas you'll get less. My boy is a mexican from texas...my nig got caught with 10lbs of weed and 5 lbs of crystal meth and did 1 year and got 5 years parole...I'm like whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! He tells me in texas that's nothing. They're not concerned with his measly pounds. They're worried about the truck behind him that might be carrying half a ton.
June 4, 2009 @ 02:47 AM

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But some things that Gucci Mane incinuate that he's been selling so much.. I know someone who used to do that and he'll like decode songs for me, things that I have no idea mean something muchhh different.
June 4, 2009 @ 04:11 AM

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Rappers from the late 80s and early 90s were selling coke and committing crimes to an extent because back then, rap music wasn't nearly as 'successful' as it is now. A record deal never guaranteed anything back then because the music wasn't so widely accepted. But nowadays, the music is so whored out and has become its own multi-million dollar empire, the newer rappers don't have to struggle like how it used to be, YET at the same time, they feel like they have to keep the facade of being 'hustlers', so they write about the environment they grew up in...not necessarily doing the bids or moving the coke.

Sure, there are some who are doing what they claim, but even then, when they reach a certain amount of success, they're disillusioned to that lifestyle. There are no such thing as a drug-kingpin/rapper in our time. They are all actors.

There's more truth in CNN than there are in rap music now.
June 4, 2009 @ 04:32 AM

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uh ????

June 4, 2009 @ 08:21 AM

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The south seems most intimating at this point.

I have observed this inter-mating in the South, as well.
June 4, 2009 @ 08:37 AM

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^Hahaha, the product of the inter-mating is even worse than the act though. Seriously though, it's just entertainment. Yeah, dudes may have done the shit in the past, but they rap about it now because it's what the masses want to hear about. If they still do it now, either they're not selling records or they're just fucking ignorant.
June 4, 2009 @ 11:41 AM

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theres a few that were real dealers. easy-e was the financial provider of nwa with his coke money. he had no interest in rapping, he was talked into rapping after other people quit on them. baby of cash money records was really the bird man back in the early 90's.

most of it is just talk that sells records though.

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