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real nigga

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I don't have awkward moments often, but I remember during my sophomore year in college I came home to grab a bite to eat between classes. I was sitting in the common room, and my roommate and his girl were there. Mind you, my roommate was a pretty muscular guy. His girl was cool, but she was lowkey baldheaded and kind of insecure about her hair, and you could tell. So we were just sitting, watching Sportscenter, and this dude with some messy ass dreads comes on the screen. All of a sudden, my roommate's girl goes, "Oh my God, look at his hair!". So without thinking, I turn to her, and go, "look at your hair!". I realized what I said, and it was awkward as fuck and silent for about twenty seconds. I look over at my roommate, dude is just looking at the ground, and his girl looks sad as hell that I just said that. I tell them I'm just kidding, and my roommate just nods. I was thankful because I realized if he wasn't such a nice guy, I would have gotten my ass beat that day. Still feel bad about that

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^^ hahaha

This thread is gold! The first 10 pages are funny asf.
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I got an awkward one fam. Two years ago I was with my ex just chilling at her house hoping I could lay the pipe. So we were just sitting on the couch and her sister comes out of her room with a friend of hers and starts telling us that we should go out and watch a movie or do something. I was like fuck it let's go. While we were waiting for her sister to get done getting ready, my ex starts telling me that this guy has been DMing her sister on twitter and that she's been texting him and shit. I'm just thinking damn what a foul bitch because I knew she had a man at the time, even though I didn't like the guy since he was the definition of a dumbass. I still felt bad for him but my ex was like don't tell him and shit, I was like fine at least she hasn't actually gone out and met with the other guy and actually cheated. Anyways we get in her sisters car the four of us, and we're riding around and her sister explains to us that she has to got to a friends house before we go to the theater. I start getting a little suspicious but again I was like whatever fuck it. We pull up to some house and her sister text the "friend" she's meeting to come outside, and out comes the kid my ex was telling me about I instantly recognized him since she had shown me a picture previously. Her sister thought I didn't know what was going on, but again I didn't really like her boyfriend at the time and I didn't call her out for it and I just went along with it. She gets out of the car and so does her friend and they go inside the kids house for like 30 mins. It was awkward as fuck sitting in her car waiting knowing she was in there cheating and even more awkward the next day while I talked to her boyfriend in my math class. Moral of the story these hoes ain't loyal fam, btw I never told her boyfriend about that day since that info would of come in handy later to blackmail her sister if it was ever needed.

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My pops office is downstairs and when you get to the last 1/3rd of the steps you can see inside it. His setup has his back to the door with the monitor in full sight since it's a big ass screen. Anyways, I done caught this nigga lookin' up big titty pornos more times then I can count when coming downstairs. It's gotten to the point where I stomp loudly on the steps whenever I know he's in the office so he can x outta that shit and pull up a blank excel spreadsheet before i get to the bottom. 
my dad did the same shit back when I was in elementary. it would be around 11:30 at night and I would go downstairs to get water. This guy be watching taxi cab confessions or real sex on HBO. I had to make fake coughing or sniffing noises whenever I walked downstairs so he could change it over to madtv
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Must've been about 10 years old when this happened, so bare that in mind...

My family (Parents, older brother and older sister) and I were visiting my Grandparents as well as my Auntie and Uncle and their families. We had all gone out to this restaurant and were sitting around one big table. My brother had a girlfriend at the time called Lucy. She wasn't with us that day. But anyway, we were ordering food and my brother did that thing where he licks his finger and rams it in to my ear, and says 'wet willy'.

I winced in discomfort and say loudly, thinking the whole family would find it funny, 'I bet Lucy gave you a wet willy!' and laughed, and looked at each family member hoping for them to find it amusing but they just stared back at me as my laugh slowly disappeared and everyone's eyes dropped back to the menu.

I will never forget that day.


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