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Air Jordan I:Designed by a boy from New Jersey when he tried to make his own basketball shoes. Soon he sent them to Nike and they loved the shoes. Nike released the sneakers in 1985, the Air Jordan I pair of sneakers was considered a breakthrough in basketball shoe design,although its design was improved upon later with the Nike Dunk. The shoe initially gained a great deal of publicity and interest because its vibrant black and red color violated the league's uniform rules and when Michael was fined five thousand dollars every time he wore the shoes during a game. Nonetheless, other companies scrambled to emulate the design and introducing knock-off brands of the Air Jordan line. In 1994, The Air Jordan I was re-released with dismal success. The retro Jordan 1s were released in 2009.

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chen nan

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Happy Every Day!

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heard that he was fined. forgot all about that.
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Cool story bro.
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did you desire some sort of e-props for posting this???

nah du.
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oh yeah amd check out brah
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i thought long ago in a universe for away from the land of champions a pair of never before seen shoes were caught in a time portal and landed on earth in oregon and the rest is history

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