[STICKY] Aspiring Artists New Music/Video Thread Pt. 2

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The Weeknd (Official Thread)

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Share Some Beats That You've Made!

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Trap Music

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Lots of producers hiding behind that 808 bass

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Freelance Illustrator looking to work with Musos

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Beats Beats BEATS!!!!

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Your favorite album(s) of 2015 so far

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Soundcloud Thread post your soundcloud link

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What are you listening to?

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Looking for rappers to collab with

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Summer Music

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New Artists?

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New tyler the creator album

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To all fellow OF Stans has Odd future finally grown up?

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Dom Kennedy

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New music app

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KevinDigo - Find Your Mind

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What are you Listening Right Now?

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knellz - v(ii)bes

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kid cudi tribute beat

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Post a random song

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Bobby Shmurda Performs Live at ALife, NYC

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Hip Hop in Delhi, India

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Official Pharrell/Neptunes/N*E*R*D Thread

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[Official] - YUNG LEAN Discussion Thread

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Any Toro Y Moi fans?

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Anyone know any music managers?

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New Denzel Curry Album

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Post examples of rappers KILLING a beat

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Tidal: High Fidelity Music Streaming

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OFWGKTA has split

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Best Kanye produced album?

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thoughts on new CZARFACE featuring MF DOOM track?

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good artist youtube channel / web series

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Favourite song?

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Miami Music

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Javon Johnson Pigeons & Planes Interview + New Album - Hermann Park

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