[STICKY] Aspiring Artists New Music/Video Thread Pt. 2

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Chicago Boombap

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Beats Beats BEATS!!!!

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Soundcloud Thread post your soundcloud link

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Project: 100 days

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Producer and Rapper Collab?

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Official Production Thread

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Future's "Gucci" Flip Flops

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Original New Music

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Indie Pop

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Glitch Hop

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Tommy Hilfiger Rap

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upcoming producer looking for good rappers to collab with

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Share Some Beats That You've Made!

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Post Beats Here

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HB Beat Battle/Cypher

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Post a random song

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Orca and Wolf / EP

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What are you listening to?

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New Artists?

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I'll Make You A Free Album Cover (Emerging Artists)

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LOOKING FOR A COLLECTIVE TO JOIN? (alternitive R&B/hiphop)

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New Blake Banks Music Video !!

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100 Songs To Smoke To 1.0

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EDM – Electronic Dance Music – Official Thread

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xSUPERLOOSE starring Em-J

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xSUPERLOOSE starring Em-J

Latest by johnxdope, 11 days ago

Jay Electronica type shit..

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Win a Chance to Open Up for Meaux Green!!!

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Since you liked

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Got some beats

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Free Album - Frigid EP

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F*ck The Radio (FTR)

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[HYPE] ONI - Cashamill AnimeBoy

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Drake & Future - What A Time to Be Alive

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How's This Look

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