I Made This Song While I Was On MushRooms & DMT

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What trap rappers do you listen to???

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Kendrick Lamar - I (New Single)

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Kanye West is blurring the lines between anime and reality.

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Who here listens to Woop?

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Your thoughts on Chance the Rapper and SchoolBoy Q?

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Flatbush Zombies Official Discussion Thread

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What's your song for Summer 2014?

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Songs you lost your virginity too

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Eric Dingus vol. future best producer

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Trade Voorhees

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Anyone here fucks with ILLFIGHTYOU?

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Shokora releases entire album in snippets

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Electronic Shows With Bands

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If you're from NYC and have noticed the gentrification in the city: WATCH THIS

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SOME HIP-HOP SHIT (no bullshit)

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New Spooky Black

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Old Eminem vs Current Eminem

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Stussy & Soulection (Compilation Album Stream)

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Vinyl Shelf (needle drop) help

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What's your most overlooked album

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Favorite Producer & MC Team??

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Hit Boy's dad is a real ass nigga tho

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Po Lil Black Girl - Nia Keturah

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Lil Wayne – Tha Carter V [Artwork x Release Date]

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Producer for Bones, Black Kray, Main Attrakionz, etc etc

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Logic vol. Fuck Mac Miller

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Official Eminem Appreciation Thread

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Mick Jenkins - The Water[s]

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Love Songs

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Official Jay Electronica Thread

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Favorite/Hottest Bars Vol. Rap Lyrics

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peace to the youth

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Post some awesome foreign/non-english songs

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Production Kits Thread

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Antwon New Tape

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Been making beats for a minute.. First EP. Hear me out!

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