Production help

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Dont sleep on Kirblagoop..

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I need an album like this

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Flatbush ZOMBiES & The Underachievers – Clockwork Indigo (EP)

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Vinyl Records Thread

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Any vibe out songs?

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Best Blogs

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Rome Fortune – Small VVorld (EP Stream)

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Looking for an Adam Yauch Picture

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Weeknd Concert

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The music section is dead

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What trap rappers do you listen to???

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Kanye West is blurring the lines between anime and reality.

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So... New A$AP Rockey

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Who here listens to Woop?

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Any Music Promoters Out There?

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Let me flip your samples.

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Kendrick Lamar - I (New Single)

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Kanye West vs MF DOOM

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Post a random song

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123 ... 9

Eric Dingus vol. future best producer

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Shokora releases entire album in snippets

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Anyone here fucks with ILLFIGHTYOU?

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Music Video Thread

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If you're from NYC and have noticed the gentrification in the city: WATCH THIS

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Electronic Shows With Bands

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Stussy & Soulection (Compilation Album Stream)

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Vinyl Shelf (needle drop) help

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Songs you lost your virginity too

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Music Video Train! post links to your videos!

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Your thoughts on Chance the Rapper and SchoolBoy Q?

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Who needs god damn beats

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Eminem - Guts Over Fear (Feat. Sia) - New Single

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Black John Jay "The God Thompson Project" The Album (Download Links)

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AiMajor - Kill The Silence (Official Music Video)

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Studio Setup

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You Niggas Sleep..smh

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