Travi$ Scott - Nothing But Net (Ft Young Thug & PND) / High Fashion (Ft Future)

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Official Spanish Music Thread

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Gorgeous Geordie X Guilty † Priest - Creeeep (Official Video)

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Party Next Door Official Thread

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D'Angelo - Black Messiah

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Wu Tang Finance

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Why is it so fkin hard to find all the BET cyphers?

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Atlanta's Best Kept Secret! Found this dude on Complex!

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Blake Banks set to release "SHAMELESS" Feb. 17th

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Yung Lean Rare Songs

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Indie/Hipster Shit...

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Predictions for 2015 (best rap albums)

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What are some rap songs I can get wild to

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Azealia Banks Blasts Kendrick Lamar's Billboard Cover Interview

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the real 2015 xxl freshman class

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Bryson Tiller (Anyone Else Listen To This Man?)

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Andre Nickatina

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Who do you think will run Hip Hop in 5 years?

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Triple Six Mafia

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Where do you guys get your new music?

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Tunji Ige - "The Love Project"

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Lets Accept That Eminem Fell Off

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[Official] - Migos Thread

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Oddyssey - Major {Album}

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[Official] - Chopped and Screwed Thread RIP Screw

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Villain Park

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Musical Career Advice

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Shokora has uploaded his album, "Valis" via (free album streaming)

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Logic - Under Pressure

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Quincy Banks | Cardboard Beats Vol. 1 (Demo) out now!

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Need a EP or a Mixtape produced?

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Kanye West vs MF DOOM

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Any dope female rappers out there?

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I need a intro looking for a talented producer

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Why Brandun DeShay is going to be next best rapper.

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Deep House Thread

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