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what is the best midi keyboard to use for garageband??

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Official Starwalkers Thread

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Uzi: Weird but Good or Just Trash?

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That's the Dream - Give us a Try

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Earl: Solace

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Seattle rappers or dancers in need of a video?

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My First Single.. "Goons" Official Video! HB exclusive drop

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Soulection Sound

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Musiv Vol: Live Sessions

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new beat

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Sweet New Hip Hop TV Channel

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Tyler the creator -Cherry bomb

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your favorite album..........

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I Don't Like Shit, I Don't Go Outside

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New tyler the creator album

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Favorite Jamiroquai Track?

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Kanye West - Midas Touch (NEW)

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Post them music that gets you pumped in the gym

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A$AP Rocky - M's (prod by Mike Dean) NEW SINGLE

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Poetic Endurance- Mac Miller Avian Freestyle

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Would You Go To A Hologram Concert Theater If One Existed ?

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Frank Ocean Announces New Album!

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Pilot talk 3

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Robb Bank$ - 2phoneshawty (EP)

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Looking for Good Underground/Cheap Hip Hop Shows in NYC

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Young Thug- Check

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Damn Son Where Did You Find This? – A book about US hiphop mixtape cover art

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Pouya - South Side Slugs

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Travis Scott & Young Thug Concert Webcast from SxSW

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Young Saichi

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What's ya style fam?

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[Official] - Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp A Butterfly Discussion

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Drake Fan Crying His Eyes Out Over New Album Dropping

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ATLiens or Aquemini

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Juicy J - For Everybody (Feat. Wiz Khalifa) - Amber Rose Ether

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