Black John Jay "Ghetto Genius" From The Album "Fly Since '85"

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Hollywood FLOSS - House of Dreams

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Hyper Trillwave Chillstramentals

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Wale vs Drake

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Black John Jay "The Original" From The Album "king Of Kingsville"

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Parallel - Good Morning feat. Mary Gold (prod. by Primo Miguel)

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ChadAttack featuring AKF - Here

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What 'song' is this?

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Rihanna - Diamonds (Remix) (Feat. Kanye West)

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Mike of Doom - Coolington (Video)

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Black John Jay "Goodness Gracious" From The Album "AGBAKWA"

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Justin Chase - Post-Hardcore - Lone Wolf

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PEXPLELIKEUS - Self-titled Record [Toronto]

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The Popular Losers "Slide" From The Upcoming Band album "Ghetto Fresh"

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Psychedelic music is the new trend (MUST SEE)

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Kanye West - The College Dropout (Revisited)

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RFTW / Italic(f) Thread / Discography (MUST SEE !!!)

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New Video: Substance Abuse "Frontrow"

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Timbaland – Know Bout Me Ft. Jay Z, Drake & Fauntleroy

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Robb Bank$ Tha City thoughts

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Kid Cudi - Ask about me (REMASTERED) NEW

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Mulholland Joyride - Dylan Ricci

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Looking for serious producers for an upcoming album (please hit me up)

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Death Grips - Government Plates

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Chill Electronic Music Thread

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"Welcome To Cloud Kingdom" to be released on the Winter Solstice (December, 21st, 2013)

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anyone listening to keith sweat? his shit is chill!

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Jon Bellion

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ScHoolboy Q – Banger (MOSHPIT)

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Zoo Kid/King Krule

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Laserdis - BURG

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Lloyd Banks - F.N.O (new mixtape)

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EMINƎM - MMLP2 Discussion Thread

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(New Music) Sampha - Happens

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(New) The Weeknd – Devil May Cry

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New Music Vid: Hillsky By Andre Altrez

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