What music video was this? It's Robb banks I already know

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Do you think I can make my song happy?

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Drake makes you miss your ex // Lightskin

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Future - Honest album

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List of Music Blogs To Submit Music To

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Best place for drumkits?

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[Grime/8bar/Sublow/Eskibeat] - What's your opinion of it?

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Open for other rappers

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Getting FL Studio Help

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Drake - Draft Day

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Ratking-So It Goes

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Need albums to download

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Transference is a new modern day

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5 Incredible Rap Verses Part 1

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Mac Miller vs. Juvi DaGemini

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Pitchfork 2014

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Who fucks with Chester Watson?

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Group track [Clique Nyne: Kla$$ic, TheHypeMan, Supreme, BZar, Ace Virus, & Xaver]

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Jay Electronica x Jay-Z - We Made It Remix

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Into music memorablilia? Check out my Instagram @musicmongrelent

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CRMC, Haaaaaaa

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Is Young Thug gay?

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Lots of producers hiding behind that 808 bass

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Who was your favorite @ SXSW? (New or Old)

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A Tribe Called Quest - Bonita Applebum (Instrumental)

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Coachella 2014, Weekend 2

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YG - My Krazy Life

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Positive emotional Freestyle

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Freddie Gibbs and Madlib - Piñata (discussion)

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Dizzy Wright Talks About How He Got Started

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Who produced this?

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who is this rapper ?

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Upcoming Artist - South Texas

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Pouya - Stunna

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Who Is Nana?

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Lord Fine$t - R.I.P

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I'm looking for beats, post links please

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