Craziest/Hypest Concerts?

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I Made This Song While I Was On MushRooms & DMT

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Anybody from Atlanta in the music industry on here?

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AK - InsomniAK

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Lauryn Hill x Ab-Soul

Latest by Hilbert X Art , 2 Weeks ago

New Music

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SOME HIP-HOP SHIT (no bullshit)

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Jimmy Astro- Something Crazy (Prod. by Marcus Dominic)

Latest by JimmyRS, 2 Weeks ago

Disclosure with Vocal Performances

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Help me find a video to sample

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Jimmy Johnson

Latest by Lonny Vercetti, 2 Weeks ago

Pussy Money Weed Freestyle Video

Latest by YungVisionary, 2 Weeks ago

Ab-Soul | The Smokers Club Tour

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Lil Wayne - Krazy [Carter V Single]

Latest by No Days Off, 2 Weeks ago

DUSHINO - Crooked Stitches

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Sadistik - Ultraviolet

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Jordan Lee - Wrath Of God (prod by T.Hemingway) LET ME KNOW WHAT YALL THINK

Latest by Jordan Lee, 2 Weeks ago

Fredwave - faith (this nigga sound like a baby james blake but i like it) thoughts?

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What Is Your Opinion Of This Song?

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Ab-Soul new album vol. These Days

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Any Thoughts on what Kendrick Lamar's Next Sophomore Album is going to be about.....

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Free Crack 2 & Ballin Like Im Kobe

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Iggy Azalea's "Fancy"

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Rick Ross Cancels Detroit Concert In Fear Of His Life

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Chicago Meets Japan in "Chi-bUya"

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My First Song Off My First Tape. Check Me Out

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BONES Complete and current Discography

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Who listens to rapper LE$?

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Where Do You Get The Absolute Best of the Best Club Mixes That Are Top Notch?

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Hit Boy's dad is a real ass nigga tho

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"GHETTO DISNEYLAND"......Thank Me Later

Latest by Lonny Vercetti, 2 Weeks ago

Confident - Chance the Rapper REMIX

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Black John Jay "Kinda Red" (The Basquiat Project) The Album

Latest by Black John Jay, 2 Weeks ago

Made a song with dilla

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My Homies and I decided to Interview Some Rappers

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New Music From 15 year old Musician AJRadico + Promo Video

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