The Official Kanye West Graduation Album Thread!

July 20, 2007 @ 10:52:04

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I'm in Lub wita strippeerrrrrrrr [/weird ass robot voice]
July 20, 2007 @ 11:33:20
He's just using pitch correction and some processing to make him stand out. Yeah he probably sounds like shit when he sings without it but hey so does akon. Personally i dont like him or the content of his lyrics tho. But kanye brought out some of the best paul wall on drive slow maybe just maybe itll be good.
July 20, 2007 @ 12:06:54
Come on I think T-pain would be good on a chorus wit kanye thats about it and I bet thats how its going to be...............

July 20, 2007 @ 12:08:48

the sound sucks.

July 20, 2007 @ 14:32:54
yea, one time they put up one of his painting on some the NYC trains, i was in heaven
July 20, 2007 @ 21:29:52

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i think kanye is mocking for the same reason u'd buy a william hung cd....well, not quite william hung bad, more like wierd al.

y is joc dressed like r-kelly?
July 20, 2007 @ 21:33:45
I'm in Lub wita strippeerrrrrrrr [/weird ass robot voice]

July 20, 2007 @ 23:29:00
July 21, 2007 @ 10:30:22
The japanese guys name is Takashi Murakami.
July 21, 2007 @ 14:07:15

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i hear since wayne got signed to hip hop since 1978 management, either he is going to be on graduation, kanye is going to be on carter 3, or was in VIBE...
July 21, 2007 @ 14:13:27

Shot at 2007-07-21

Isn't this the cover or is a fake one? It's the one I got in my itunes.

btw "the food" is a dope ass song.
July 21, 2007 @ 14:14:40
the food is on be
July 21, 2007 @ 15:53:01
its fake its the mixtape cover
July 21, 2007 @ 22:46:50
someone, pm me with THE song (good life)
July 21, 2007 @ 23:06:20
KC you seem mad ignorant son you need to grow up. Hip hop is about standing out not doing the same shit that's "safe" and not just doing what you know is gonna sell and that's what fifty does, every song sounds the same with him singing on the damn hook. He never does anything new. You should broadin your horizens buddy.
July 22, 2007 @ 01:02:30
Is it me or the Stronger music video was inspired by the movie Akira.
July 22, 2007 @ 01:08:46
July 22, 2007 @ 01:40:18
Is it me or the Stronger music video was inspired by the movie Akira.

Duh lol
July 22, 2007 @ 19:20:31
yess... this is what i've wanted since 2003..for Akira to blow up like some new hypebeast brand and then BOOM new merchandise for ram.

mwahahahahah mwwwaahahahah!!!!
July 22, 2007 @ 19:26:45

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Shot at 2007-07-21

Isn't this the cover or is a fake one? It's the one I got in my itunes.

btw "the food" is a dope ass song.

how does one go about takin snapshots of his pc like dat?
July 22, 2007 @ 19:30:28
press print screen next to scroll lock....

it copies a snapshot of your desktop to the clipboard....

then u can paste it where u please
July 23, 2007 @ 13:26:45
what the heck is kanye saying when he says "dikes"? does he mean he wants some butchy looking lesbians or is dike some slang for something else?

so we gon' do everything that kan like
heard they'd do anything for a klondike
well i'd do anything for a blonde-dike


We about to get real unprofessional
Like them eskimos, what would you do for a Klondike?
Or two dikes that look Christina Milian like
Hmmm, I'll be on time for that
I ain't thought of no line that could rhyme with that
July 23, 2007 @ 14:07:00
Might be official in my eyes, got this from some dude that was rolling with K at the Wayne show, front side from the single, back side promoting the album.....

July 23, 2007 @ 18:15:31
I can't a feeling,this is going to be kanye west best album

because kanye usually keeps up with themes

and graduation is the best time ,so I can just imagine,how incredible the beats will be

do anyone know,what features will be on this album,I pray,that lupe is on a song

west,blaze,and 9th wonders

are the only kats,who beats,send me chills,cause they so on point
July 23, 2007 @ 18:46:17

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chris martin is supposedly on a track
July 23, 2007 @ 20:48:36
chris martin is supposedly on a track

July 24, 2007 @ 00:28:11

Inactive User had a jam session with chris martin that turned into a track named "homecoming", which was going to be the first single for the album...but ye said he is kinda jealous that hov beat him to the chris martin idea, so he dosent kno if he is going to put it on the album...he felt that "beach chair" wasn't all i dunno the current status on the kanye/chris martin was on wikipedia for a long time...u guys gotta step your wiki game up!
August 08, 2007 @ 18:14:52
the art is very nice!!
August 08, 2007 @ 18:21:32
Eh at that tracklisting.
August 08, 2007 @ 18:38:36

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12 songs?


& Al Be = Al B. Sure?
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