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What's with upcoming rappers rapping about sex and weed every song? This song ain't gonna' stick around. This song isn't art. If you want to make waves and get views, rap about something meaningful, man. I'm not going to be bumping a song that's like "420 blaze it, my chick better take it, i'm so rich 420". There ain't a message behind the song. There ain't any emotion behind it. Listen to your song and think, "What would make a person listen to this song when they could be listening to (insert big name artist here)?"

If I want sex and weed and money joints, I'd turn on the radio. I'm not going to take the time to download a track where, the most emotional you get, is bitching about an ex-girlfriend. You ain't Childish Gambino, nigga. Find your own lane. 

But, if this is truly what you want to do, make songs that no one will care about after your 15 minutes is done, start rockin' open mics and trying to open for other artists in nearby cities. If you are good enough, people will look you up. You can't sit around and expect the internet to do the work for you.
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Hey i'm heno from London UK this is my new track, influenced by Dilla hope people like it, Peace http://soundcloud.com/foxhen/eno-villainy

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