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Although the original has dropped only one night ago, more news drops in every hour about this newest addition to Kanye's repertoire. Only hours after the song dropped, producer Young Chop already went on the radio showing his disapproval. Then more news dropped, with eventually even a new verse by Pusha T that never made the cut. What is it that causes so much media attention?

The producer was mad that the track, which he believed was perfectly adequate by itself, had added productions to it done by Kanye. Interesting is that rapper Chief Keef, who's song it was originally, actually had great admiration for fellow chi-town rapper turned superstar. After that, a making of video was released, showing Chief Keef recording his new verse, sending it to Kanye West. Now, a day later, you can listen to an unheard verse of Pusha T that was removed from the song since Kanye felt it didn't flow well. What do you guys think, is this verse really better or has Kanye made the right decision? You can download the original verse down below, mixed together with the other verses of Kanye, Big Sean, Chief Keef and Jadakiss.

May 4, 2012 @ 02:19 AM

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They only took out like two lines. The extra "verse" doesn't make a difference to me.

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