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Ayo whattup whattup yall...the mighty Hands of Zeus aka Galaxy Knuckles aka Thor Molecules aka Volcano Hands otherwise known as the one n only Cocaine Biceps is back witta nother meal for yall malnourished muthafuckas namsayin. Once again its that time of year where we recognize the softest niggas in the game nahmean. We gotta couple MVPs...mad veterans n even a rookie up in this shit...so yall peep the flyness.

10. J Cole ...aka Nap King Cole aka Young Eeyore aka The Bokeem Woodbine of Rap aka the poor man's Drake. Ayo Jermaine is bitter bout sumthin b...nobody really understands what tho. You would think that any mediocre ass rapper/mediocre ass producer would jus be happy to be the first muthafucka signed to the worlds most famous nigga's label n shit. But naw...that aint good enough for Diet Drizzy b. Son still poses for pictures like somebody snapped all his crayolas in half... Son frowns like he jus rode his seatless bike to the 7-Eleven to buy a slurpee n they only had Sprite flavor left n shit. The many other facial expressions of Jermaine seem to include "My balloon animals done came untwisted" n "Why he get two turns on the trampoline n I only got one?"....you get the idea tho. Ayo this nigga's mixtapes was never really the most exciting shit in the first place namsayin. I mean dont me wrong b...they was cool...but they wasnt nothin to have a parade over neither. But when he dropped that stillbirth of a first album...son...that shit could stop paint fom dryin. That shit could relax a broad's hair b. Straight up. This nigga's own shadow wont even get outta bed in the morning no more cuz of this depressing ass muthafucka. Son inspirin a whole generation of lame mediocre ass niggas to start pickin up mics n make boring ass watered down flavorless "lettuce rap" (Get it? LET US rap...) jus like the homie Jermaine. Plus he got the softest dudes walkin the earth throwin rocks at his lawn chair. Son got the poster child for hurt feelings hisself aka Canibus throwin shots at him b. Cole even got that prairie dog looking muthafucka Charles "Milk Carton" Hamilton to poke his head outta the ground n shit on the little homie's career achievments a bit. But never mind them two dusty ass niggas...This boy got washed by DIGGY son. As in THIS nigga b...

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