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Well fellas my time here is done, im parting ways with HB as a whole.. It was fun while it lasted, great forum but no longer interests me, to many trolls, little kids and no longer into streetwear really.. Also Im becoming more busy and doing more things with work and outside of work.. So im resigning as mod and not going to be posting anymore.. So here are recommendations for mods, if they count:

Sport mod: Pootietang, he posts alot in there and would be a good mod for the section if he would want to be..

MMA Thread: Dave aka Dmwalking and now nintendo something

General fashion: not sure who to put there since no one really posts in there except new people..

Off topic: Dave, deadpool, stilo(not sure how he posts), Pootietang

Take care!!!
September 28, 2011 @ 02:29 PM


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haha i just met pootie tang randomly in SD hes cool. but for sure man. thanks for the help

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