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[STICKY] Sneaker Identification Thread

Latest by Linda March, 4 days ago

[STICKY] Sneaker Legit Check

Latest by 0117bris, 2 Weeks ago

Most comfortable shoes you own.

Latest by heavydoom, 15 hours ago
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Best all white shoes?

Latest by you can't say your foot size?, 22 hours ago

What brand are these danner boots ?

Latest by Peyton, 5 days ago

need help finding kd good apple size 9.5, 10

Latest by Stevieszn, 5 days ago

Help needed/gazelles

Latest by ash-uk, 8 days ago

Nike flyknit sizing guide

Latest by Burpacola, 10 days ago

please help this yeezy 2 red octo is authentic???

Latest by william kevin, 10 days ago

Got engine oil on my SB Janoski Max's - need cleaning tips

Latest by EvaP, 12 days ago

What shoes do you skate in?

Latest by EvaP, 12 days ago

Sizing on Flyknit trainer + ?

Latest by Sublime, 2 Weeks ago

Custom Adidas Mocs

Latest by Peyton, 2 Weeks ago

Yeezy Boost Legit Check

Latest by afw81, 2 Weeks ago

pastel colored shoes?

Latest by Lia, 2 Weeks ago

please help authenticate this Adidas Superstar...

Latest by luxybabyxx, 2 Weeks ago

How many shoes are in your rotation.

Latest by WizardKelly, 2 Weeks ago
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whats your opinion about this nike concept soccer shoes?

Latest by Sam, 2 Weeks ago

Has anybody used Liquiproof?

Latest by Rosco, 2 Weeks ago

coverse all star 2 sizing

Latest by BOPE, 2 Weeks ago


Latest by Landau, 2 Weeks ago


Latest by indra7, 2 Weeks ago

looking for shoe designer drawings/renders

Latest by Pranav45, 2 Weeks ago

Tiffany legit check please

Latest by 0117bris, 2 Weeks ago

Oversized or undersized shoe?

Latest by kristanvh, 2 Weeks ago

Legit Check on these AJ1 Breds! So urgent.

Latest by pjh0468, 2 Weeks ago

air yeezy 2.

Latest by bombtom91, 2 Weeks ago

boots similar to Opening Ceremony M1?

Latest by fame_throwa, 2 Weeks ago

Black shoes

Latest by sebest, 2 Weeks ago

What shoes do you wear in the rain?

Latest by sebest, 2 Weeks ago

Common Projects Chelsea Boots SIZING HELP!

Latest by shizhong guo, 2 Weeks ago

Casual shoes

Latest by M1keEm, 2 Weeks ago

good formal/casual shoes?

Latest by Callum, 2 Weeks ago

Vans/Converse canvass shoe alternatives..

Latest by Callum, 2 Weeks ago

How do you store sneakers?

Latest by Tracy Shawn, 2 Weeks ago

Sneaker Websites

Latest by Theis Hansen, 2 Weeks ago

Can men wear women's roshe runs ?

Latest by DonBishopSpacePimp, 2 Weeks ago


Latest by Jenny01, 2 Weeks ago

Are the OVO 10s coming out August 1st?

Latest by Hustlin, 2 Weeks ago

what are some good driving shoes/loafers or what you niggas wear when you dress up for dates or casu

Latest by belvedere312, 2 Weeks ago