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Nice shoes for wide feet

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preventing heel drag?

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Commonwealth x Saucony Jazz Low Pro

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Thoughts on these boots?

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zig zag wino shoes gumsole,what company makes them ?

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Shoes similar to Balenciaga Arena?

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LEGIT CHECK - J's III Black Cement please

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[Legit check] Balenciaga Arena

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Help Me Find a Pair of Leather Boots

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Legit Check Please_ Air Jordan 11 Breds 2013

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[Legit check] 2011 Jordan 4 Black

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Are These Legit

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Nike sizing (URGENT HELP PLZ)

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Winter boots

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vans x w)taps sk8 hi sizing

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legit check jordan 7 raptor

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I did my best to destroy a pair of Vans Half Cabs with garden tools and barely won.

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Value all around athletic sneaker

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Legit check Air max 1 CLOT

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Luigi Sardo Limited Editions

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Delete post

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John Buscemi, Be Positive, Emudesign?

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what do you rock in the winter?

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Low sneakers in these colors?

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Going away to University soon - how many to bring?

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How to make Roshes a bigger size?

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White Flyknit Trainers Vol. HOW DO YOU CLEAN THESE SHITS???

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Are the All White AF1s Still Ratchet?

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Can someone help I don't know what these boots are called!!!!!

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Advice on cleaning/restoring trashed air max?

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How do Adidas Original Pro Models Fit?

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what are your favorite sneakers?

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Converse boro fall 2013

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Clark Wallabee Alternative

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Boots color descision

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Shoes/Boots for f/w

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Ronnie Fieg sneakers

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