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Hows the sizing on Sebagos compared to sperrys? I've been looking at the Ronnie Fieg collab for a long time and I'm tryna cop a pair now. Interested in the lighthouse boots (seneca) and i'm not sure on what size to get them in. I wear 10/10.5 in Nike's (sb/dunks/air max/etc), 9.5 for chucks, and 9 for sperry boat shoes (no socks, snug fit). Still contemplating on what size to get to get that snug feet. I'm stuck between 9 and 9.5 or maybe even a 10. I'll be wearing socks with these but i need to know how the sizes compare to sperrys. Thanks in advance
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they fit similar to sperrys, maybe a little bigger though. I wear size 8.5 sperrys, 8-8.5 sebago. both no socks.
for me, with socks, i might size up 1/2

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i got the ronnie fig x Sebago form the nexus project for sale size 10 DS.!/C_Augustus_O

December 6, 2011 @ 05:32 PM
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Sebago fits true to size, exactly like Sperry's. There not much different than each other. I personally don't think sizing up for wearing socks isn't a wise idea. If you buy a boat shoe for the size you would wear with socks, once it's time to wear them sockless, the leather would have already stretched a bit and would be too big for your feet to wear. I say, stick to your true size. Hope this helped bro...

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