March 4, 2010 @ 10:59 PM

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March 6, 2010 @ 11:57 AM

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Female sneakerheads are either a) so butch you'd have to rocking mad beer (or sneaker) goggles to wanna bone them or b) so bitchy from the constant attention of sneakerheads they're dating some business dude.
March 6, 2010 @ 12:01 PM
lifes outro .

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here in ny i seen several.
lol i know 1 that know the sb and jordan game more than me lmaoo, she only got like 1 pair tho . i dont mind, shes cute with it cool
March 6, 2010 @ 12:50 PM

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i know one called: sneakerqueen
March 6, 2010 @ 05:05 PM
Zé Pequeno

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A few dykes.

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March 6, 2010 @ 07:27 PM

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i dont want to know any.

March 6, 2010 @ 09:15 PM

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not sneakerheads, but met some girls obssessed with just shoes in general.
They have so much heels and pumps...
March 6, 2010 @ 09:51 PM

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Girl sneakerheads
yes, I know one in Vegas who is deep. One in NY, one in LA and one in Japan. Pretty slim as I don't see too many on the boards or on the blogs... and most all female sneaker boutiques are ran by dudes. go figure.
March 10, 2010 @ 08:43 PM

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One of my good friends from high school was a female sneakerhead... I used to hate that she would pay significantly less for her shoes lmfao
March 11, 2010 @ 02:27 PM

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i know a lot of girls that wear a lot of sneakers, but only few that are heads and dedicated to the culture.
March 11, 2010 @ 03:37 PM

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I def know of a serious one in particular she used to compete with me in kicks her collection probably ranges all the way back to around 96' or 97' mostly Jordan's though. Girl wearing sneaks is an every once in a while thing in my opinion unless shes working or something.
March 13, 2010 @ 07:14 AM

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I dont know
March 13, 2010 @ 02:45 PM

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dunno about sneakerheads but arent girls all crazy for shoes.
March 13, 2010 @ 03:18 PM

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i dont want to know any.

March 15, 2010 @ 09:57 AM
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My Girlfriends into kicks and one of her best friends too.
Which is nice because shes a "big kids 7" so when i want some 200 dollar joints....her's are like 89.99&) most of the time
but i just picked her up the Spizikes in turbo grey..aka Miami Viceee lol

I wouldn't touchem' but she f'ing loves em'
March 22, 2010 @ 11:14 PM

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i would not call a girl i know a sneakerhead but she always rocks nice sneakers
am95 white/grey/pink and og neon
air jordan 20, 4, 13
pretty decent line up if you ask me.
March 23, 2010 @ 03:26 PM

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the highschool i went to, there was mad female sneakerheads. mostly filipina girls
March 27, 2010 @ 07:23 AM

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One of my good friends from high school was a female sneakerhead... I used to hate that she would pay significantly less for her shoes lmfao

same here
March 28, 2010 @ 08:45 PM

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am trynna marry one lol hard to find tho specially in scla
May 29, 2010 @ 11:47 AM

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i have seen alot of girls with fresh shoes but girls arent into sneakers they like to just wear flip flops or heels.and if there really into sneakers there either fat,ugly,or dyke.imo its not worth finding one thats a sneakerhead they probably would have more heat then you
June 1, 2010 @ 09:58 PM

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nah i know bitches that think they fly tho

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March 27, 2013 @ 05:03 PM

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Out of all the females I know, I'm the only one. I started off with Jordans and expanded into other brands of sneaker. I got into it because of my father and his passion to collect Js but In the past 3 years I have noticed a lot of females turn to sneakers NOW because of their boyfriends which irritate me...

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