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We started out as a couple kids with a bunch of dreams and now with the help of friends and family we are finally growing.

This is our T-shirt company called Shwa inc. We built our company on dreams and concepts and now we come to bring these things to life. At Shwa we represent the nonconformist, the people that stand out not fit it. And dreamers, the people that imagine there goals and strive to achieve them . We live to design and design for life.

Clothing is a representation of your imagination displayed in fabric. So why would you go boring. Dress to impress and Kill The Masses With Love. Let them See How We Are and never let them control you.

The Evolution - "We defy ordinary, and bring concepts to Life"

Defying ordinary since 1990,
Bringing concepts to life since 2004,
And keeping it Fresh every day.

TEES 18, hoodie 40. Add 5 For shipping :]

Head. Three color on a purple tee

Head. Three color on a teal tee

HypeBeast. two color on a white tee

Save the Peguins. Crescent NightXSHWA

SebraPrint. three color on a black tee. purple teal and white ink

SebraPrint. three color on a teal tee. purple teal and white ink

Unity. one color on a white tee

Unity tee close up

Shwa hoodie



check us out at

- Vincent Vo [Shwa]
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HB ruin mylife

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how much that trademark cost you

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