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I guess I'm still working on my wierd differnt styles mixed together personal style..anywhoo 

What was the 1990's "hip-hop" fashion like? Like the shit that Big L was rocking in his videos n shit, most of it looks pretty decent. Thanks in advance
The early 1990s saw a continuation of 1980s fashion: women wore denim button down shirts, neon colors, oversized sweaters, T-shirts, sweatshirts, baby doll dresses, trenchcoats lined with fake fur, and black leather jackets.Fashionhas a funny way of being simultaneously important and absurd to society. cringe at ourselves for thinking we actually looked good. Pirate costumes make for great Halloween costume ideas along with 90's costumes, 70s costumes, and 60's costumes.

[ 90s costumes

90s costumes

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You're thinking too much, just wear what u like
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Lisa "Left Eye" swag

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90's theme party...

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So almost what guys wear now? cool

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