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Good Morning people,
Hailing from the UK I'm currently doing a lot of research and planning regarding launching a line and have found that even if you have a GREAT product , your marketing and promotion is one of the key components to it being a success.

Does anyone have any ideas, tips or stories of success regarding marketing their products...feel free to sharesmile

-Adrian Lias


May 9, 2013 @ 10:30 AM

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For a brand just starting out social networking sites are probably your best bit and with a bit of knowledge you can gain yourself a good following instantly
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Get your Facebook page up to scratch
Get a personalised email adress 
Order fuck tonnes of stickers
Twitter and Instagram
Spread among friends and fam (word of mouth travels fast)
Wear your own designs
Get a unique and original website / bigcartel theme (Shit automatically heads south if its just the ol regular layout)
Coupon codes
Release dates
'Sneak peak' and 'Upcoming' photos and statements throughout social media. 

Be active, professional and have a positive attitude.

Remember good things take time, stay on course, dont deviate and keep sailin' 

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